Of hot days and knocking down doors...

What. A. Week. I swear I haven't even blinked and yet it's Monday again!!!! Very grateful that we keep busy, and also very grateful I got to go grocery shopping and get another jar of Nutella. I ran out on Friday. Yep. It took me 11 days to finish off a jar. Sheesh. It's a good thing we have bikes. 

Speaking of bikes. I'm the epitome of blind Smith. If you don't understand that reference, go over to my family's house and ask. You're in for a treat. I also identify quite a lot with Elder Calhoon now. Hahahaha. I love placing some Books of Mormons. ;) 

Mmmm. My emails are going to be a lot more scattered now because I never have time to write in my journal anymore! We did SO MUCH TRACTING this week. And I loved it. :) Well, not so much when we went at 3 in the afternoon in 100 degree weather. I'm still learning to love that ;) I'll send a picture soon of the tan lines on my feet.  Terrible.  Just terrible.  But we found a few more potential investigators this week through good ol knocking on people’s doors. Most people are really nice. They usually turn us down with, "I already heard the word. I found Jesus. Have a good day."  

We started up online proselyting this week! I'm on there as Sister-Savanna Fletcher. You can stalk me on there as much as you want, but you can't friend me, comment, or like anything. Mission rules :) We are on there about an hour every week, and I think it'll be a great way to stay in contact with our investigators and less actives!

Our focus this week has shifted to working with part member families.  I'm SUPER excited to get it all organized and go find people! Most of the part member families are also less active, so we should be able to do a lot of work in this area with that. We are hoping to have a baptism in a few weeks!!! Kiersten is 9 and is SO prepared for baptism. I wish everyone we taught understood the simplicity of the gospel like she does.  Her sister was just baptized a few months ago, and they are the only ones in her family that go to church. She's so sweet.

For Prep-Day today we went with a member, Sister Peterson, to Ninepipes Museum! It's all about the history of our area here.  Lots of native culture and history that I didn't know about! It was super cool to see how everything here came to be, and it made me love the people here all the more :) They have quite the heritage.  

WELP. Sorry this email didn't make much sense today! I've barely had time to breathe, much less collect my thoughts! We are meeting the new mission president this weekend in Helena! SO EXCITED. Watch the fireworks for me k? And take pictures at my spot.
Sister Fletcher
Awesome Views

Ate dinner at this 100 year old lady's house. She's mostly blind, and so when she was cutting the cake she didn't know how big the pieces she gave us were. It looks deceiving in the pic, but I kid you not, the slice was bigger than my face. Did I eat it all? Yes. Regret it? Meh.

Goat followed us up to a doorstep when we were contacting. Only in Montana!

Like 10 feet tall. Shot in Montana. Eeek

Just another moose!

Used to be...alive.

Cows don't move when you honk at them.
Bo the Bison

I like to ride my bicycle, I like my bike.

Yep. Conquered the bikes this week! So fun. I love it :) Terrible when it's windy, but hey, you can't have everything right? This week was a hard one, but there were a lot of great moments. Maybe not great actually...but memorable. Hahahahaha just keep reading.

So. I started out this past week by getting bit by the biggest dog you'll ever see. Jk ;) It was a dumb little one that was just being protective of its owners. I mean, the gospel and girls in skirts? Scary stuff. But I don't have rabies, and it's just bruised now, and Sister Krantz gave me ice cream to make it all better so I'm thinking it was mostly a win situation! Haha.

On Tuesday we had mission conference with the Missoula zones, the AP's, and the Mechams. I got to see some of my MTC sisters! We did training for most of the day and I got to know some of the other
missionaries here. Being in a chapel with only missionaries for the majority of the day brought a spirit I'll never forget. President and Sister Mecham shared their testimonies with us, and I bawled through the entire thing. I've known them for just two weeks, and I felt like I was saying goodbye to my family all over again! President Mecham bore a powerful testimony, one that summing up would not do justice. But it was comforting and good to know how much love he had for us missionaries. We all lined up and took a picture and hugged the Mechams goodbye. TEARS GALORE. I'm excited to meet the Wadsworths (new mission president) though. They'll be just as great!

Let's see,Sister Rammell and I got lost in the wilderness the other day. Hahaha and we saw a bear! Apparently they see a lot of those here. BRING IT :) It's gorgeous here. I wish I could see more of it! We are over two wards so we barely have time to breath, much less go and sight see! I'll simply just have to come back!
Lost in the beautiful wilderness

zoom in and there's a tiny bear just roaming.

None of our investigators are progressing. Meep. We can never find them, or if we do find them they haven't kept their commitments. One investigator was on date for baptism and she told us on Saturday that she doesn't want to waste our time. She doesn't believe that there is a prophet, and won't read the Book of Mormon. Sad. But it's strengthened my testimony a lot, seeing people reject the gospel. It's HARD. Watching someone who has felt the Holy Ghost testify of the truth of this gospel, and then they get caught up in stuff on the Internet, or the logistics, and forget that this gospel is a spiritual thing, not a logical thing. Just yesterday, we started talking to a man named Roland. He flagged us down when we were biking and told us about how he took the lessons once. The missionary in me came out, "so why didn't it stick?" Hahaha he was a bit taken aback by that ;) but basically he didn't believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet, he thinks everyone is a prophet and that those in the Bible are just "helpers", and thus never read the Book of Mormon, silly Roland. I listened to him explain and basically preach to us about how organized religion isn't needed, and then he said "I can see a light in both of you." And then he turned to me "and especially you". You have an honest spirit that wants to know truth. I can tell." I stood there for a minute, and then told him, "the reason why I know what I do, and why I have that light is because I know my Savior. And I know him because I've searched for him. And I didn't really develop a relationship with him until I read the Book of Mormon." He started to argue, and I could tell he wasn't quite ready for the truth. So I waited and then told him to learn about what a prophet is in the Bible, and then left! He needed to learn for himself, and me telling him wasn't going to change him. But that experience made me realize more than ever that Joseph Smith is a prophet. Every time he denied that Joseph Smith was, the spirit left and my heart sank more and more, but the second I testified of it, it came back even stronger.

The gospel is true :) I hope all that made sense, emailing is STRESSFUL. Haha, love you all so much :)
Love, Sister Fletcher

So beautiful here.

"We aren't in Utah anymore Toto"

Greetings from the most beautiful place on earth!

Pictures just won't do it justice. Big sky country? They aren't kidding. My first area is actually a bunch of small towns on an Indian reservation! I spend week days in Ronan and the weekends in St. Ignatius. (By Flathead Lake) Because everything is so far apart we live in two different places in two different members homes. Sooooo I am perpetually living out of a suitcase #thatsmissionarylife. The Krantz's in Ronan let us stay in their basement. Every night when we come in at curfew we are greeted by a large creepy elk head on the wall. Still pondering what to name it. Haha and the Leaftey's in St. Ignatius let us stay in their loft. Love em both :) my companion is SISTER RAMMELL :) she's been out on her mission for 7 weeks now, but you can't even tell! She's a pro. She's from Texas and is THE BEST. I have a feeling we'll both be here in the area for a while. There's a lot of work to do and we want to be the ones to do it here! 


I'll recap a bit now. Leaving the MTC was terrible! I loved that place. The spirit was so strong there and I didn't realize how strong until I got on the train to the airport, outside the bubble of the MTC. Those of you who are leaving on missions soon: do not take the MTC for granted. It's hard work, but you learn SO much and they teach you how to have the spirit that you have in the MTC out in the field. When you leave, you have to become your own little MTC bubble of spirit, so enjoy the time you have there :) I had the best teachers EVER at the MTC. Shout out to Brother Hanson and Sister Millward. :) I miss learning from them everyday! The airport was one of the funniest experiences of my life! Picture this. 20 missionaries, with 3 suitcases each, loading onto one of the frontrunner cars, cramming into said car, exiting said car, and THEN riding up an escalator. Hahaahahahaha I was dying. Wish I would have had an extra hand to video it. :) It was awesome talking to my family on the phone at the airport :) sure miss them a lot!!!!!!!!!!


We had a group of 11 sisters and 2 elders flying out to Montana. We were on this super tiny plane and most of us missionaries were assigned to sit together. Still taught a few people on the plane anyway ;) We got off the plane in the beautiful town of Billings and met President and Sister Mecham and the AP's. I. Love. The. Mecham's. Sister Cox and I rode back to the mission home with them and got to know them a little bit! They fed us SO much food and we had 2 days of learning from them :) All of the sisters stayed in a hotel down the street, I roomed with Sister Hodgson and guess what! We actually went to sleep on time! Woot! On our last night in Billings we went street contacting with the Assistants downtown. So. Much. Fun. I love street contacting. Granted, most of them were slightly intoxicated, but we gave out a few copies of the Book of Mormon! :) It started POURING rain the last 20 minutes we were there. Sister King and I were Comps and we were sopping wet by the time we got back! I'll try and get the picture of the group afterward. It was great :) 


We drove up through Bozeman to Helena the next day and met the STL's who drove those of us going to Missoula to meet our Companions! 8 hours of driving my friends. Prime napping time. Loved every second of it. haha Sad to leave my district though! So many goodbyes in 3 weeks! Ugh. But all is well :) 


I'm still adjusting to a lot out here but I'm loving it :) Small towns are fun. Everyone is related in some way.  We work with A LOT of less actives and recent converts and I love it. We had a lesson with Brother H the other night. He's preparing to go to the temple and he feels like he doesn't have a testimony. I could relate a lot to him and so I told him about how I just recently went through the temple and how it's not scary at all, it's actually the most comforting place you could go! We had a good chat about how he needs to go to church in order to prepare for the temple,. so he's working on it. Or so we thought....he didn't come to church -_- And here comes my advice for the week: Guys. Go to church. Seriously. It is SO important! The First Presidency of the Church just started a new little project with the wards and it's called "Giving the Sabbath Back to The Savior." LOVE IT. Sunday is our day to give to him. It might not feel like a day of rest, but it's a day to heal your spirit and to get that knowledge and comfort in the gospel that you need. It's also the day that we renew our baptismal covenant, which is the only covenant we can renew on a weekly basis! It must be important eh? Help your wards out in any way you can. Go make friends. Fellowship. Help the missionaries out! :) haha 


I love you all and miss you all so much! I love being a missionary. I'm so grateful for the enabling power of the atonement. I wouldn't be able to be a missionary without it. 


Sister Fletcher

Our Closet. (hmmm...2013?)

I Love Them.

Fly to Montana then an 8 hour drive to somewhere over the rainbow.


Plan, Plan, Plan