Minute by Minute, That's How You Win It!

Hi :) How are you all? I hope you had a wonderful 24th of July and watched some fireworks for me. Sister Rammell and I got to go to both ward parties and eat lots and lots of potato salad. :) We got everything moved and mostly unpacked this week! WOOT. My stuff is spread out all over the state of Montana. I guess I'll just have to stay for 16 more months to pick it all back up ;)

Something I've learned and relearned since being on my mission is that NOTHING turns out the way you plan it. Absolutely nothing. So I'm learning to just go with the flow, because God is taking care of everything and he knows a whole lot more than I do. :) Thank goodness for that. 
We met with a lady in our ward the other day and she wrote us and the other sister missionaries a poem. But needless to say, there were tears in Sister Fletcher's eyes ;) I love being a missionary. I love that it's the hardest thing I've ever done. I love that I'm learning so much. I love that I'm in Montana. :)

Earlier this week we got to have breakfast with President Lindsey. He's a counselor in the stake presidency here and has an awesome family. He has a pretty young family, ranging from age 15 to 6 weeks old. 8 kids and they all want to serve missions! They stuck to the elders like glue and drank of every word we said. :) So cute. Anyway, Sister Lindsey gave us a little thought that has stuck with me ever since. She talked about how if we want big things to happen we have to start with the smaller things. And sometimes it's hard to see the progression when we start with smaller things. But we don't need to worry about seeing things. I mean, we believe in God, and we can't see him, right? I wish I could explain it better, but that will have to do for now :) Keep doing to small and simple things. Just like it says in Newsies, Minute by Minute, that's how you win it. It's so true! Read the talk from the most recent general conference titled "Stay by The Tree" It's amazing.

I love you all so much. The church is true. 
Love, Sister Fletcher
Sister Missionaries: 
I know some special women
Who gave up all they knew
To walk an often shadowed path
Just to find the "precious few".

They share a word, they touch a heart
A bit of wisdom do impart.
They lift a spirit, share a smile,
Take time to stop and "sit awhile".

My missionary sisters Have been often in my life.
Their appearance seems to herald change
As they steer me thru the strife.

They speak of Heaven, warn of Hell,
Sweet hymns of praise they sing.
With testimony arm themselves 
For they know the power it brings.

Each one of them I cherish.
When they leave my heart is blue.
Although my Heavenly Father's sent them off
To find His own... His "precious few".
--by Robin Fry

 Gorgeous mission mountains...and the lovely crack in the windshield.

 Playing Heads Up with job corps kids! I. Love. Job. Corps. We go every Sunday with a couple from the ward and share a little thought and play a game. They are ages 16-25 normally and come from some pretty hard backgrounds. Job corps is where they learn a trade and are integrated into the work force as adults:)

 'X' marks the spot.

This would be how to weekly plan for two different wards. #wearepros #thatmissionarylife


HI, Hi, Hi.
Emailing is stressful. Ya'll are great :) Thanks for keeping me updated!

WHAT A WEEK. First off. I'm staying in Ronan and St. Ignatius and so is Sister Rammell! I was praying that I could stay because there are a few people we are teaching that I simply have to continue teaching. The people here are amazing :) We had a lot more first lessons this week and talked to so. many. people.  I'm not kidding when I say we talked to every single person we possibly could!

Ready for a story? No? Too bad. I'm telling it anyway.
So! Sister Rammell and I are driving around Arlee tracting. We aren't having much luck but we are trying to talk to every person we see. That’s easier on a bike, kind of hard/super creepy in a car. Haha anyway, we're driving and there's a native lady pulled over on the side of the road doing some sort of Indian ritual. I didn't even think twice to talk to her, I mean, that's weird right? Nope. Sister Rammell was determined and overstepped all social boundaries and rolled down the car window. I was dying. But she started to talk and we found out that her son had gotten in a car accident there and she was coming to remember him and do some native thing that I didn't really understand ;) right as she was explaining that, a car came up behind us and we said goodbye and drive away! We were right about to share the plan of salvation with her! So all the sudden, I can't stop thinking about her. We are driving away and I turn to Sister Rammell and tell her we have to go back. It took about 5 minutes to find enough room to turn, and we tried to avoid a stray dog, and then we headed back to find.......nothing. She had left! Ugh! I was so sad! We started to write a note to leave for her....and then....she pulled up in her car! "Have you seen my dog? It ran away." I have never been so happy about a stray dog in my life! It led her right back to us! We got out of the car and I started to talk to her about how her day was and it eventually led into both Sister Rammell and I sharing the plan of
salvation. The lady started to cry and said she wanted to learn more. We got her address and we will see her later this week! :) Moral of the story, when you're a missionary social bounds don't exist. TALK TO EVERYONE. :) We are all children of God and everyone needs to hear his word :)

Random:  We went with Sister Abu (she's awesome. Lives in Gauna but her parents live here, her dad is going through cancer treatment right now, her mom had a broken foot, and is taking care of HER mom. It's crazy. They are amazing.) to visit this family that literally lives in the woods on the mountain. It's insane, I thought we were for sure going to get eaten by a bear or get stuck in a pothole. But Sister Abu had driven in Africa so it was a piece of cake for her ;)

Hopefully that makes sense, my thumbs are flying across the iPad keyboard. Haha it was a really good week though! We are moving to another place in Ronan. We are still at the same place in St.
Iggy, but I don't know the address, so just send anything to Ronan :)

Out of time. The gospel is true! Love you all.
Love Sister Fletcher

Zone Conference. I learned so much from these crazy Elders and Sisters.

Back on the bikes! Time to work off all that Nutella!

Dog races are a thing here. Just like huckleberries. 

yep. I did. Totally worth it. Missionaries can have fun too! ;)