I'm meltinggggggg

Dearest family and friends,

Hey :) how are all of you hooligans!? I hope you had a wonderful week! I'd like to inform all of you that my waterproof boots are indeed waterproof. And thank heavens for that! All the snow is melting here and the slush and water is INSANE. And it freezes over night making the roads a complete mess. #gottalovemontana

This week had a rough start but ended pretty super great! Haha on Tuesday we had 6 set appointments with investigators and less actives and SO much to do. I was excited, I love being busy :) annnnnnnd then 5 of the 6 appointments fell through :( *weep* but sadly, it happens, and we still find productive things to do and keep on keeping on. We knocked on so many doors and tried to find so many less actives and members, and no one was home! We talked to everyone in sight- got a lot of weird looks- and almost got eaten by a three-legged pit bull.  haha but all’s well that ends well right? 

Wednesday was THE BEST. We got to watch the worldwide missionary broadcast. As we all sang Called to Serve I couldn't help but think of the other missionaries I know all across the world that were singing that same song at the same time. The spirit was was so strong :) It was a spiritual feast to learn from Elder Neil L. Andersen, Elder David A. Bednar, Bishop Waddell, Sister Oscarson, Elder Clayton, Elder Nielson, and Elder Dallin H. Oaks. At the very end, Elder Oaks got up and said, "I have rejoiced greatly in the things that have been taught today" and I couldn't help but grin and agree whole heartily with him. To me, a lot of the teachings focused on helping people understand the doctrine of Christ. It starts with a faith in Jesus Christ. We believe that he lived and that gives us a whole lot of hope. Hope and Faith that we can return back to our Heavenly Father and especially in the atonement. We know that we can repent and know that someone hears and answers our prayers. That knowledge leads us to a love of keeping covenants. We want to renew our commitment each week by partaking of the sacrament, as well as feel the relief that comes from really applying the atonement. And we do this over and over and over again throughout our lives, continually coming closer to Christ and progressing in his gospel :)  HOW GREAT IS HIS GOSPEL?!?! So great. :) I wish I could explain all that was talked about, but there simply isn't time! All of those that spoke bore very simple and very powerful testimonies. They taught the way the Savior did: by example. That was a huge testimony to me that this really is Christ's church-restored-on the earth today. How. Amazing. Is. That?!

In other news, we got to meet with lots of elderly people later in the week :) best thing ever. :) I love hearing their stories. Most of the time they turn into the teachers and us the learners ;) but that's okay. I can use all the help I can get! We heard stories about being a member of the church in the Navy from 86 year old Henry. He sure loves the Book of Mormon. His caretaker says that he is reading the Book of Mormon almost constantly! And we visited Lu. She has to go to dialysis 3 times a week. She is a firecracker! So sassy and so independent. What a cool lady :) We also visited sister Sanders. She was baptized when she was 67!!!!!! And she's proud of it! Haha she has such a strong testimony of the priesthood :)

Funny moment: Sister Hurst and I are in the car parked in front of this apartment complex praying before we go into our last lesson of the night. I was EXHAUSTED so I just sort of rested my head on the steering wheel. It took about a minute to realize....I was leaning on the horn..... hahahahahahahahaha

The rest of the week was full of service, big dogs, and tired eyes. I love being in this area :) and I love being a missionary! I know that living the gospel of Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to return back to our heavenly home. I'm so grateful for the gift of repentance and for prayer :)

Love you all so much :) be happy and work hard!
Love, Sister Fletcher

...she raved about her husband that  passed away just a few years ago the whole time we were there. She pulled out this picture and with tears in her eyes said "if you can find a man that looks at you like will have all the happiness you can ever imagine. I had that. You go find that." So sweet.

for mamma. Hi. I'm tired. But happy. #thatmissionarylife

the only pair of jeans I have*weep* cleaned the nastiest bathroom I've ever seen. Thanks mom ;)

May exist? WILL exist.


No one likes a frown-y face...

Hey all!

As I type, the epic sounds of Podball are sounding in my ear. I love Podball, but I sure love all of you a lot more ;) haha. There really isn't too much to report on this week!  It was super crazy and all over the place. (Insert from mom: Sister Fletcher sent me a separate email saying it was a struggle this week and the work didn’t progress as desired.  She’s also super exhausted from her previous illness.  Such is life right? Especially missionary life, but please include her and Billings in your prayers and add her name to the temple prayer roll. Thank you:)

 We had zone training on Friday. LOVED IT. We are focusing on maintaining daily contact with our investigators and on having lessons in member’s homes. Guys. It's so amazing the difference you can feel when you walk into a member’s home and when you walk into a nonmember’s home. It made me tear up just a little bit the other night. I'm so grateful for the refuge a home with the spirit in it provides.

I also went on exchanges later in the week. I love exchanges! This was my third one with Sister Major! I. Love. Her. So. Much. We spend the day in her area teaching some recent converts and investigators. I always learn so much about lovingly inviting people to do things that stretch them when I'm with Sister Major. She provided me with some much needed counsel and advice. It was a testimony to me that Gods hand really is in every little detail :)

I'm in 3 Nephi now in the Book of Mormon. I just fall in love more and more with that book with each time I read it. I love how in 3 Nephi 12:16 Christ tells us to "let your light so shine" That light we share points people to the true source of light, our Heavenly Father. Let your light shine! SMILE. "A smile is like the sunshine" :)

Sorry this weeks email is so short! I love you all so much!
Love, Sister Fletcher

 No one likes a frown-y  face.

 Change it to a smile! Makes the world a better place by smiling all the while!