Of hot days and knocking down doors...

What. A. Week. I swear I haven't even blinked and yet it's Monday again!!!! Very grateful that we keep busy, and also very grateful I got to go grocery shopping and get another jar of Nutella. I ran out on Friday. Yep. It took me 11 days to finish off a jar. Sheesh. It's a good thing we have bikes. 

Speaking of bikes. I'm the epitome of blind Smith. If you don't understand that reference, go over to my family's house and ask. You're in for a treat. I also identify quite a lot with Elder Calhoon now. Hahahaha. I love placing some Books of Mormons. ;) 

Mmmm. My emails are going to be a lot more scattered now because I never have time to write in my journal anymore! We did SO MUCH TRACTING this week. And I loved it. :) Well, not so much when we went at 3 in the afternoon in 100 degree weather. I'm still learning to love that ;) I'll send a picture soon of the tan lines on my feet.  Terrible.  Just terrible.  But we found a few more potential investigators this week through good ol knocking on people’s doors. Most people are really nice. They usually turn us down with, "I already heard the word. I found Jesus. Have a good day."  

We started up online proselyting this week! I'm on there as Sister-Savanna Fletcher. You can stalk me on there as much as you want, but you can't friend me, comment, or like anything. Mission rules :) We are on there about an hour every week, and I think it'll be a great way to stay in contact with our investigators and less actives!

Our focus this week has shifted to working with part member families.  I'm SUPER excited to get it all organized and go find people! Most of the part member families are also less active, so we should be able to do a lot of work in this area with that. We are hoping to have a baptism in a few weeks!!! Kiersten is 9 and is SO prepared for baptism. I wish everyone we taught understood the simplicity of the gospel like she does.  Her sister was just baptized a few months ago, and they are the only ones in her family that go to church. She's so sweet.

For Prep-Day today we went with a member, Sister Peterson, to Ninepipes Museum! It's all about the history of our area here.  Lots of native culture and history that I didn't know about! It was super cool to see how everything here came to be, and it made me love the people here all the more :) They have quite the heritage.  

WELP. Sorry this email didn't make much sense today! I've barely had time to breathe, much less collect my thoughts! We are meeting the new mission president this weekend in Helena! SO EXCITED. Watch the fireworks for me k? And take pictures at my spot.
Sister Fletcher
Awesome Views

Ate dinner at this 100 year old lady's house. She's mostly blind, and so when she was cutting the cake she didn't know how big the pieces she gave us were. It looks deceiving in the pic, but I kid you not, the slice was bigger than my face. Did I eat it all? Yes. Regret it? Meh.

Goat followed us up to a doorstep when we were contacting. Only in Montana!

Like 10 feet tall. Shot in Montana. Eeek

Just another moose!

Used to be...alive.

Cows don't move when you honk at them.
Bo the Bison

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