No one likes a frown-y face...

Hey all!

As I type, the epic sounds of Podball are sounding in my ear. I love Podball, but I sure love all of you a lot more ;) haha. There really isn't too much to report on this week!  It was super crazy and all over the place. (Insert from mom: Sister Fletcher sent me a separate email saying it was a struggle this week and the work didn’t progress as desired.  She’s also super exhausted from her previous illness.  Such is life right? Especially missionary life, but please include her and Billings in your prayers and add her name to the temple prayer roll. Thank you:)

 We had zone training on Friday. LOVED IT. We are focusing on maintaining daily contact with our investigators and on having lessons in member’s homes. Guys. It's so amazing the difference you can feel when you walk into a member’s home and when you walk into a nonmember’s home. It made me tear up just a little bit the other night. I'm so grateful for the refuge a home with the spirit in it provides.

I also went on exchanges later in the week. I love exchanges! This was my third one with Sister Major! I. Love. Her. So. Much. We spend the day in her area teaching some recent converts and investigators. I always learn so much about lovingly inviting people to do things that stretch them when I'm with Sister Major. She provided me with some much needed counsel and advice. It was a testimony to me that Gods hand really is in every little detail :)

I'm in 3 Nephi now in the Book of Mormon. I just fall in love more and more with that book with each time I read it. I love how in 3 Nephi 12:16 Christ tells us to "let your light so shine" That light we share points people to the true source of light, our Heavenly Father. Let your light shine! SMILE. "A smile is like the sunshine" :)

Sorry this weeks email is so short! I love you all so much!
Love, Sister Fletcher

 No one likes a frown-y  face.

 Change it to a smile! Makes the world a better place by smiling all the while!

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  1. She is SOOO darling! It seems it was a rough week for many...its right after the holidays and cold ... a little sunshine is on the weather report I think it will help EVERYONE