Missoula Miracles

Hey everyone!!!!

So...the Olympics are going on? Hahahaha. First I've heard of any of that. Watch lots of volleyball for me k? ;) It's so crazy how out of the world you get out here!

What. A. Weird. Week.

It was INSANE. So much driving. So many long talks. SOOOOOO much finding. We have been staying with the second ward sisters this past week because the members we live with had family come into town. It has been super fun and way crazy. Gearing up for another wonderful week with a meeting in Helena tomorrow, a meeting here on Friday and then another meeting in Helena on Saturday with ELDER D. TODD CHRISTOFFERSON. Nbd. I'm excited :) Sister Pearson and I are having a great time together. :)


There were SO MANY miracles this last week.

For instance, when I was in the Missoula zone last year, the zone leaders here were teaching a lady named Marcia. Marcia is the daughter in law of the Robertson's in Missoula 3rd Ward. The elders tried to meet with her, but could just never catch up with her so she was dropped. Fast forward to now... About a month ago Marcia showed up to church with Sister Robertson. We met her and chatted for a bit, but life was so crazy that she couldn't set up a return appointment. AND THEN. This week we got a call from Sister Robertson asking us to give Marcia a call because she wanted to meet with missionaries again!!! WOOOOOT!!!!! So we met on Thursday and taught the restoration and invited her to be baptized. The spirit was so strong. Her one hold up is that she feels like her deceased dad wouldn't approve (he was catholic) and she is waiting for his okay. We talked about how God is our loving Heavenly Father and that we should try to please Him more than anyone else. She committed to pray about it and to read from the Book of Mormon everyday. She came to church Sunday :) We will meet with her again this week.

Another cool one was May. At church on Sunday Bishop Anderson walked up to us and told us there was a lady sitting on the front row that he was pretty sure wasn't a member. We went and talked to her and came to find out that two lady's in the ward met May in the library and invited her to church. We talked to them after and they didn't think she would come, so they were both super late to church. BUT SHE CAME. She stayed for all 3 hours and the member that invited her set it up so that we could go over and drop off a book to May's house and invite her to learn more. It was sooooo cool to see the faith of the members put into action. Just keep inviting!

We haven't been able to catch up with Ken or Shantel this week. Jonathan has surgery on Thursday. He called us last night and said something like "I just wanted to call and tell you that if I make it
through surgery okay I'm going to go to church a lot more. And if I don't, I'm sure I'll be able to go to church up in that spirit world place you talked to me about before." I didn't know whether to cry....or congratulate him.... So keep him in your prayers.

 My favorite thing that I studied this week was a conference talk from October 1982 by Neal A. Maxwell titled "A Brother Offended". SO GOOD. I always learn so much from Elder Maxwell, but this one was especially cool. One of my favorite parts was when he said, "Let us acknowledge that the strait and narrow path, though clearly marked, is a path, not a freeway nor an escalator. Indeed, there are times when the only way the strait and narrow path can be followed is on one’s knees! And we are to help each other along the path..." So so soooo true. I know  that it is only by obedience to the commandments and our Heavenly Fathers will that we are truly able to travel along the straight and narrow path. We really can experience joy as we travel back to our Heavenly home.

I love you all!
Work hard. Be happy. :)

Love, Sister Fletcher

Driving to transfers in the "man van" aka Vannnnessa. Normally
the zone leaders drive it. Hahahahaha

  Polaroid and transfers

 Preparation Day fun!

  Meet Preston! He's a recent convert that one of my companions taught in Polson! He randomly showed up in Missoula and flagged us down, somehow knowing it was me! CRAZY!
Meet Sister Pearson!

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  1. Love you sooo much Sister Fletch! YOU are a miracle!❤️