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I think I've eaten something peachy every single day. The Henderson's have a peach tree in the backyard and seriously, I've never seen so many peaches in my life. Sister Henderson is working like mad to make them into jams, cobblers, and food storage while also nudging us to eat as many as we can stand. :) It's like Willie day everyday! (Mom, you can ask Jenny  to explain what that is ;))

The dropping of investigators has continued this week. It's getting pretty ridiculous. But it really is good because it is helping us to focus on those that are ready to receive and act on the message we share. We saw some pretty cool miracles throughout the week as we have exercised faith in finding. I was with Sister Kezele a few days ago and we had some time to tract. We prayed and she picked a direction to go. We started knocking and then as we came off of a doorstep I saw a lady walking down the other side of the street. We kinda sprint over to talk to her...and she just keeps on walking. So of course we keep following her Hahahahahahahahaha She turned around after a few awkward seconds and we had a pretty hilarious conversation (she was crazy) BUT here's where the miracle starts. We finished talking to her and went back to knock on the next door and the couple that lived there were outside. We started talking to them and found out that he was a member of the church! He got baptized a few years ago when he was living in good ol Burley, Idaho. The longer we talked to them, the more I could see the spirit working on him. All of the sudden, the cup of coffee in his hands was put back on the ground. The cigarette they were sharing was extinguished, and good memories of church were shared. "It's amazing that you walked by! I've been thinking a lot about needing to find the church over here. I know I'm not doing what I'm supposed to." It was pretty cool to know that we were definitely guided there. :)

Sunday was also a super cool day. May and Ray and their two kids came to church!! We sat behind them and it was so cool to see them soak everything in during sacrament meeting. I don't think I ever realized how many analogies and weird colloquial words we use as a church until I tried to put myself in their shoes. They seemed like they loved it though and I felt that the spirit was particularly strong the whole meeting. I love serving in this Ward. There was a BBQ on Sunday night for someone getting ready to leave on his mission and seriously the entire Ward showed up to support him. It was so fun to watch everyone buzzing around like little bees to support their ward family.

I'm just super happy. Which is kinda weird... Haha There were a few moments this week where I had to really question "wait a second...I'm...still happy doing this?" Moments like.... eating this microwave watery cheesy rice for dinner at a member home. I was convinced I was going to throw up. We definitely have it easier in the states, but that one really threw me for a loop. Haha

I've been studying the "doctrinal mastery" they are doing in seminary here. It has been so cool to delve into the simple truths of the gospel. God doesn't ever want us to be left in the dark. He wants us to know him. REALLY know him. That's why it's so important to pray, read our out scriptures, attend the temple, and go to church. There's no better way to know our Father in Heaven than to spend that time with him.

Love you all!
Sister Fletcher
peaches and cream!

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