We found 4 new investigators within 2 days. Ahhhh. I'm so stoked to teach them all again! :) We found two girls who are 8 and 11 (the 11 year old is exactly like my sister Kelsey… so cute) who are SO ready and love to read from the Bible. They just drank up every little thing we said.  And their grandpa is fine with us teaching them! WOOT!

I'm learning lots and loving it out here.  It was so good to see progress this week.  We had interviews with President Wadsworth on Friday.  Love him! Transfer calls are on Sunday. Eeeeeeek.  I don't like
it one bit.

If you get a chance, go read The Family: A Proclamation To The World, with a focus on the end. Cool prophecy right? :) The prophets are called of God to declare his word.

I know this gospel is true! I LOVE IT. Do all you can to apply it to every aspect of your life! :)

Love you all so much. Be happy :)
Love, Sister Fletcher

Okay, okay. okay. I look insane. But this is a funny story. So we're tracting and passed all these cows, and they were making all these weird noises and STARING INTO OUR SOULS. It was so weird. Silly cows. 

The view each day when I go out. So many trees! We go running out here in the morning. Sometimes we go walking around the cemetery next door....creepy? Meh. 

 This is my best friend Samson. He's the Krantz's and is SUPER old and has diabetes. Love Samson.  He's the best :) 

Tracting in the rain is DA BEST. A Ward member saw us and made us take his umbrella and a bunch of huckleberries he picked from the mountains. Huckleberries are like gold here. He ate some to show us they weren't poisonous ;) hahaha


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    1. We love you penny! Thanks for always being so interested and supportive!