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WHAT A WEEK. First off. I'm staying in Ronan and St. Ignatius and so is Sister Rammell! I was praying that I could stay because there are a few people we are teaching that I simply have to continue teaching. The people here are amazing :) We had a lot more first lessons this week and talked to so. many. people.  I'm not kidding when I say we talked to every single person we possibly could!

Ready for a story? No? Too bad. I'm telling it anyway.
So! Sister Rammell and I are driving around Arlee tracting. We aren't having much luck but we are trying to talk to every person we see. That’s easier on a bike, kind of hard/super creepy in a car. Haha anyway, we're driving and there's a native lady pulled over on the side of the road doing some sort of Indian ritual. I didn't even think twice to talk to her, I mean, that's weird right? Nope. Sister Rammell was determined and overstepped all social boundaries and rolled down the car window. I was dying. But she started to talk and we found out that her son had gotten in a car accident there and she was coming to remember him and do some native thing that I didn't really understand ;) right as she was explaining that, a car came up behind us and we said goodbye and drive away! We were right about to share the plan of salvation with her! So all the sudden, I can't stop thinking about her. We are driving away and I turn to Sister Rammell and tell her we have to go back. It took about 5 minutes to find enough room to turn, and we tried to avoid a stray dog, and then we headed back to find.......nothing. She had left! Ugh! I was so sad! We started to write a note to leave for her....and then....she pulled up in her car! "Have you seen my dog? It ran away." I have never been so happy about a stray dog in my life! It led her right back to us! We got out of the car and I started to talk to her about how her day was and it eventually led into both Sister Rammell and I sharing the plan of
salvation. The lady started to cry and said she wanted to learn more. We got her address and we will see her later this week! :) Moral of the story, when you're a missionary social bounds don't exist. TALK TO EVERYONE. :) We are all children of God and everyone needs to hear his word :)

Random:  We went with Sister Abu (she's awesome. Lives in Gauna but her parents live here, her dad is going through cancer treatment right now, her mom had a broken foot, and is taking care of HER mom. It's crazy. They are amazing.) to visit this family that literally lives in the woods on the mountain. It's insane, I thought we were for sure going to get eaten by a bear or get stuck in a pothole. But Sister Abu had driven in Africa so it was a piece of cake for her ;)

Hopefully that makes sense, my thumbs are flying across the iPad keyboard. Haha it was a really good week though! We are moving to another place in Ronan. We are still at the same place in St.
Iggy, but I don't know the address, so just send anything to Ronan :)

Out of time. The gospel is true! Love you all.
Love Sister Fletcher

Zone Conference. I learned so much from these crazy Elders and Sisters.

Back on the bikes! Time to work off all that Nutella!

Dog races are a thing here. Just like huckleberries. 

yep. I did. Totally worth it. Missionaries can have fun too! ;)

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