Mission, Miracles, and Month 2.5!

People of the world that I love so much!!!  Hi :)
I am so blessed to have the best people in the world to love. Thanks for all the letters, emails, and packages. Stop sending candy, I'm going to get fat because of ya'll. ;) haha 

This week was great! I love this area. We spent the bulk of  it in St. Iggy which is the most beautiful place in the world. Don't even try and argue. It just is. :) We got to go to the itty bitty town of Moise on Tuesday. We asked Sister Fullerton (the member we were eating with) how many people lived in Moise. I kid you not she literally said "Oh, maybe 10 or 15 people" ....where am I again? We're going to the Bison range to eat dinner tonight with a few members of the ward, hooray for more wild animals! :) 

Lots of ups and downs this week. LOTS. But that's part of being a missionary. You work as hard as you absolutely can, and leave the rest to God. Sometimes that means that it's just going to be a tough day to be a missionary, and sometimes it means that people are listening to the message left and right! No matter which one happens, the only thing I can control is my attitude throughout it all. :) Every day is a good day in my book. I don't want to waste a single one out here. Choosing to come on a mission was the best decision I have ever made. 2nd best decision was going to BYU-I ;) Every night I write down the miracles I've seen throughout the day. Sometimes it's just that I made it to bedtime without dying. Other times I have pages and pages of amazing experiences. Missions are the best :)

One miracle that I saw this week was with both of the ward we serve in. THEY ARE THE BEST. The members in Ronan will bend over backwards to help us, and we don't even ask! We were in PEC the other day and asked Bishop Brown what he needed us to help with. "Well, what do you need the ward to help you sisters with?" Ah. So great. :) We just need to find people to teach! This area is a time bomb. It's going to go off and there will be baptisms every weekend! I know it. Sister Rammell and I are just trying to figure out a way to spark it. It'll happen :)

Love you all. Keep reading your scriptures and eating Nutella. 

Love, Sister Fletcher. :)

--Funny story. Every time we bike to town this herd of dogs comes chasing after us. Sister Rammell got pictures. I was dying.
--Tracting and suddenly...Alpaca's. hahahahaha

--Oh yknow...just casually taking selfies with the car part people

Playing jenga at Job Corps. The nostalgia thinking about rexburg was UNREAL.

--"There is no soul to parched for Gods liquid love." Liquid love eh? hahahaha
-- funny pic from the museum

--Mysterious old fridge...nothing good inside it ;)

 --Spending prep day in Polson with my MTC sisters!

-- The bunk beds aren't too stable so every time one of us moves it's an earthquake. hahaha Poor sister Rammell is on the top.
--Thanks for the pillowcase Mom!
 --most beautiful place in the world.

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