Oh what a wonderful week!

 Hi hi hi!

This week was fan.tastic. I don't know how exactly I'm going to get it all typed out, as I currently have a red blinking light on the computer telling me that I'm running out of time and will have to switch back to the ipad soon. *insert panic face here* But alas! I shall type as quickly as I can!

 First of all, guess. what? I got to drive Clifford!!! Our big red truck. :D Highlight of my life. I love exchanges. Sister Harwood and her companion Sister Meek came to Ronan and Sister Rammell went with Sister Bell to Missoula for a day! So fun to be in a trio. Sister Harwood is the sweetest person I have ever met. She's so happy all the time and is such a great example of a consecrated missionary. And Sister Meek is a powerhouse teacher. She's from Mapleton! Small world. We did a lot of tracting and finding and I drove wayyyyyy out in the boonies and had the time of my life. No bears this time. But lightning. Eeeeak.

We met a man the other night that was a liiiiiiitttle bit off his rocker. His name was Bob. He prays to the sun and collects little rocks that he sees faces in. He gave us some and showed us the faces in the mountains...hahaha. It was an experience ;) Another funny thing for the other day. We ate dinner with the Leafty's, the members we are temporarily staying with, in Ronan. They have been married for just a few years and are in their late 70's. They're hilarious. We asked Sister Leafty if she remembers what it felt like to receive the Holy Ghost when she was baptized and she responded with "well, I was already perfect so it didn't feel much different" hahahahahahaha.

I had a little bit of an aha moment the other night. I was getting ready for bed and it was pretty cold so I pulled out my bike sweater to wear. I haven't worn it since being home and it's my absolutely favorite comfort item so I was excited to wear it again. But it was weird! Putting it on again and feeling the difference of how it feels now. And looking in the mirror and not seeing the same Savanna that used to wear that sweater up at college and snuggling at home with my siblings. It was different. I've been on my mission for just over 2 months now. And I haven't seen a true change in myself until right then and there. And I can't pinpoint exactly what it was, but as the words of my favorite Disney song say "there must be something there that wasn't there before" hm. Interesting. #themusingsofsisterfletcher

I am so incredibly grateful to be a missionary. It's the best. :) Hard. But so worth it. This church is true. I know it now more than ever. I'm 19 years old, I've got a lot of life and a lot of learning and changing to do. But I KNOW that this gospel will always have a part in my life. I will never give it up for anything because I know what my Savior has done for me. He provided a way for me to get back to my Heavenly Father and be with my family (who I love and miss so much!) forever. Because I know that, I will share it so that other of my Heavenly Fathers children can return home. Missionary work is the best work we can do here on earth, especially within our family. Be bold! You have the knowledge of the gospel. Share it!

I love you all so much! Have an amazing week! :)
Love Sister Fletcher

Uh huh. Gorgeous. Love it.

There was a massive storm on Monday and it hit Missoula pretty bad. We had to stay longer at a dinner appointment to avoid getting hit by lightning or falling branches on the bison range. Missoula was without power for most of the week in some places and there were uprooted trees everywhere!

Sister Heiner is a member of the ward here that feeds us dinner a lot. Love. Her. She's hilarious. She made me my own little loaf of nut free zucchini bread :) 


Exchanges with Sister Meek and Sister Harwood! Powerhouse missionaries. Loved spending the day with them.

 My wall in St. Ignatius :)

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