Of Bears, Briers, and Biking

 Hiiiiiiii :)
How are you all?! Montana is still absolutely gorgeous, the tan lines on my feet are still quite terrible, and there still just isn't enough time to collect my thoughts into a coherent email. SO. Here goes nothing!
I forgot to mention a few things the past couple weeks that I think ya'll will appreciate. haha SO. Sister Rammell and I sang in both of the wards we are over. Did it sound good? Hopefully. Did I start singing the wrong words? Yup. Hahaha. Live and learn :) A mission is the best place to learn to just laugh at yourself.

This lady yelled at Sister Rammell and I because we accidentally walked into her backyard. (Let me be clear. THERE WAS A TRAIL.) haha We just smiled and apologized and laughed quietly when she walked over and ranted to her neighbors. Sister Rammell and I got lost on another accidental excursion...and saw yet another bear. Let's go through the wild animal count thus far in the mission:
Chickens: 1,872
Scary stories about bears:583
Alright, you're probably wondering about the briers now. So we're tracting on Friday night for 3 hours and we get to this tribal home that looks pretty abandoned but we decided to try it anyway. (You'd be surprised the places that people can live in) We wait for a bit...no answer...so we start walking back....and walk right over a brier bush. -_- #somanystickersallover #bhurrabbit #thatmissionarylife

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love the bikes. We rode them a lot this week since it was the end of the month....and we ran out of our allotted amount of miles on the car. haha But the blessing of riding the bike around town is we can literally talk. to. everyone. :) Remember the movie “The Best Two Years? "And then we started to run people down...lit-trally" It's a real thing ;) haha
We found some potential investigators the other day while biking to an appointment. Isaiah and Allea. They're a younger couple and are expecting their first baby! :) Both of them are interested in learning more and we have an appointment set up with them for next week at the church! Pray that they will keep the appointment! We have a real problem of that here. No one goes by a schedule unless they work...and if they work they work all day, every day. Isaiah and Allea are in the second category. So we're hoping they get work off on time!
The last little thought I'll share with you is something I've been studying this past week. I am in charge of a training/discussion in our district meeting on Wednesday and it's on obedience. As a representative of Jesus Christ and as a child of God I am expected to be EXACTLY obedient to all the mission rules and all the things that God commands us to do. But I find it hard to remember to do everything and especially to have a joyful attitude about it when the thing required doesn't make a lot of sense. Something my dad would always tell me is that it's all about perspective, and that it is! When it comes to obedience to God's commandments, we need to have the desire to become like Jesus Christ. Think about the story of Peter when he walks on water. He starts to walk toward the Savior, keeping his gaze steadfastly on him in the beginning. But gets distracted and looks at the world around him. We need to keep focused on Jesus Christ. And then obedience will come naturally.
Out of time. Love you all!
Love, Sister Fletcher

 We had a Malt Shop this past week.  This is where some of the primary age kids come and we get them ice cream and do a short little activity and message.  I got a little creative and we had them build marshmallow towers and likened it to how if we work together and share our talents we can be made strong:) haha.

Sister K was in the paper -She had about 150 quilts for the show. She made all of them! Sister Rammell and I carried them all to the car:) #importantjob #somanyquilts

We frequently see Bambi.



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