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 Hey everyone!!!

Greetings from my home away from home! :) Transfer calls were yesterday...annnnnnnnnd...I get to stay in this beautiful place in the Mission Valley for another 6 weeks!!! :D It's gorgeous here right now. The leaves have turned colors and scatter the grass all around the Krantz's home. It's getting cold enough that we have the fireplace inside crackling throughout the day. Hot chocolate is becoming a daily occurrence. Mmmm. I love fall. I love Montana. And I LOVE that Sister Wright and I won't be under house arrest this week! We have both been very sick. And so this past week we were told to stay home and not leave. Not fun. So we have done a lot of sleeping...and studying...and more sleeping....and laughing....and talking funny pictures...and more sleeping...and playing tic tac toe...and more sleeping....and laughing....and cleaning....and SLEEPING. I never want to sleep again. That's actually a lie. I could always sleep. BUT I'm ready to feel like a missionary again. It's time to go knock down some doors. 

I've had a lot to time to think recently. And a lot of those thoughts have circled around why I am here on a mission, why I chose to serve, and why I choose to stay. I know that I came on my mission because God wanted me to. I received a priesthood blessing when I was deciding to serve and was told that "God is leading you to the path that will bring you the most happiness." Through various experiences, I knew that that path included serving a mission. So I packed up my things and headed here to Montana! And it did bring me a lot of happiness! I met people in the MTC that I know I'll be friends with for the rest of my life. And I found a lot of joy in teaching the gospel to those that have lost their way or who were looking for their way. And then it started getting really hard and really not-fun. My companion got sick. And then I got sick. And we couldn't go out and teach. And I felt like a failure and seriously considered if my time here was done. It was simply too hard and too much for me to handle. Looking back, I can see what God was helping me to understand. He knows that being here, serving in Montana, is something that will bring me the most happiness. BUT that doesn't mean it's going to be sunshine and rainbows the whole time. In fact, a lot of it is going to be rain clouds and thunder. So how does that make sense? If I'm here to have joy, why is it sometimes so hard? Well, I'll let you know when I figure that one out. I'm still working on that answer. I have learned one thing though. That through the rain, sunshine, thunder, and rainbows, God is always there and he's always giving me experiences that will help me to become the person I need to be. Right now, that experience was being a trainer, and sick, and not being able to teach. I'm still learning so much from it. Hindsight is always 20/20 eh? 

I can almost talk again!!! Hooray! And my cough is getting much better and I am able to sleep at normal times. :) I have been reading a lot from Jesus the Christ. That book. It's so great. I'm learning so much. My "ponderizing" scripture this week is 2 Nephi 5:27 "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness" What are YOU doing to live after the manner of happiness? I'm finding things to smile about everyday. Like today. I am smiling because I get to eat a huckleberry milkshake. :) haha

I love you all SO much! :)
Love, Sister Fletcher
I crashed. hahaha I was definitely sick.

. So much ultimate tic tac toe. We are currently tied. I refuse to play again.

Off to church!

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