Oh the weather outside is frightful....but the car heater is so delightful

Hey everyone :)

Your favorite missionary is safe and sound and COLD. Preparation day was changed this week for Sister Hurst and I so that we could attend the temple. :) Man oh man oh man. I am so grateful for the peace that can be felt there. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time we were there. My face hurts a little bit now ;) haha BUT ITS WORTH IT.  The temple -to me- is a place where I can see myself -for just a moment-the way that God sees me. How amazing is it to know that we are children of God with the divine potential to become like Him, our loving Heavenly Father. We can do this through living the gospel of Jesus Christ and following His example. Much easier said than done, but possible :)

This week was a great one :) wanna know why? I'll explain.
No...there's too much....lemme sum up. (NAME THAT MOVIE)

-Last Monday I got to play volleyball :) like...real volleyball. Apparently my district leader is going to play pro? Uhhh. Hahaha. It was wonderful :)
-Sister Hurst got sick...and I spent most of the week paranoid that I would get it...and then be down again for another 6 weeks. Ah ah ah. Lots of praying and LOTS of Clorox wipes. Hahahahaha annnnnnnd guess what. Miracles happen because I haven't gotten it! WOOT.
-We had an awesome district meeting last Wednesday all about Christmas and how to spread JOY. Ah, I love being a missionary during this wonderful season.
-We worked in the mission office twice this week :) oh my heavens. I'm pretty sure I'm the luckiest person on the face of the planet. The office staff is THE BEST. They just love the missionaries so much and do SO much to keep the work rolling forth.
-Jesse won't meet with us anymore :( #stupidsatan Pray that he will read the Book of Mormon.
-Quote from my journal on Friday "How crazy is it that I can be so happy even though I feel like I've been hit by...multiple trains"
-Found a bunch of new investigators using the #asaviorisborn video!
-Wedding and a baptism next month! Matthew and Marci. They've been meeting with missionaries for a loooooong time, he's a member. Marci is great. They're so ready.
-Went out to broad view to teach an active member lesson. Ummm YES. IT'S IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE AND I LOVE IT. :D the stars were perfect. It reminded me of St. Iggy. :)

Monday: Elder Baird (office missionary, vehicle coordinator): Hey sisters. I have your new car. Can you come pick it up?
Me: ummmm Elder Baird. You know it's snowing outside right? snowing a lot. You're going to give us a 2016 Nissan a blizzard....ummmm....
EB: YEP! I trust you not to crash it. And even if you'll only have to walk until April.
Hahahaha Elder Baird is my favorite. We didn't crash the car either. Soooo WOOT.

Also. Christmas zone conference. AMAZING. Lots of music, talking about Christmas, and A LOT of laughing and smiling :) my favorite things! :) wanna hear the best part? So, we had just finished eating lunch and taking pictures, so everyone was just kind of chatting when all of the sudden.....there's this loud shouting...and I'm thinking.."alright what hooligan Elder is goofing off this time" when to my surprise.....PRESIDENT WADSWORTH comes SPRINTING across the gym yelling some nonsense about how he had great news. "NEWS. I HAVE NEWS. SANTA IS COMING AND HES TRYING TO LAND HIS SLEIGH BUT HE CANT HEAR US SO HE DOESNT KNOW WHERE TO LAND! WE HAVE TO SING REALLY LOUD!" *commence singling jingle bells* and THEN. Elder Topham (one of the assistants) jumps from behind the an elf costume. Hahahahahaha President: "SEE! I told you he's coming! That elf fell out of the sleigh!" Everyone was laughing and having so much fun annnnnd then Santas helper aka Elder Nuffer ho ho ho'd his way into the gym and allllll the elders ran to go sit on his knee. The sisters awkwardly gestured from an acceptable distance ;) hahahaha

It was great fun. :) maybe one of those you-had-to-be-there-moments ;)

Out of time! Love, Sissy Fletch
Trying to look cute going to the temple.

Nbd. Right before the snow hit. Our excited faces because it SNOWED!                       

Just casually heel clicking in my space boots and a skirt.

 Good ol' Papa Johns:)

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