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As I was pondering on what to say in the group email this week I was reminded of a song from one of my favorite Broadway musicals, Little Women. The Professor is attempting to respond to a letter from Jo March and his musings are much like mine are today. :) "You ask how I am. And so, how am I? My days are the usual days, I wake up I go out, time goes by."  Time is flying faster and faster the longer I am on my mission. Although the days mesh together and my memory of the week’s events is oh so very muddled, there are a few that I wanted to share with y'all :)

Experience 1: We were ambushed by a preacher earlier this week. Haha that was an experience. We had no idea who he was until he sat us down and started to rattle off what he "knew" we believed and how the bible says we are wrong. It was so hard to sit there and listen to him and try and understand and have love and compassion for him. I think there really is a seed of desire in him to know the truth; he just is being blind to the answers. He said he has read the whole Book of Mormon but he just couldn't get past the lack of physical evidence. He also couldn't believe that we have the potential to become like God and that we can be with our families forever. Ugh, that one hurt to hear. I am SO grateful to have knowledge of eternal families.  And hearing him not believe in that? It solidified my belief more. I didn't say much the whole time we were there, Sister Hurst was responding wonderfully and I was much too cranky ;) haha but when he had said his peace, I point blank told him that we had been called by a prophet of God to share what we know, and we know that our message is true. For the first time that entire night, I felt the spirit come flowing into the room we were in. Sister Hurst and I told him that we would study some of the concerns he had and email him some sources to look at (we didn't think it was a good idea to go back quite yet ;) ). We encouraged him to continue praying about it. It was kind of a crazy experience. It helped me to solidify my testimony of the restored gospel. It's true it's true it's true :) SO true. :)

Experience 2: Wanna know what my jam has been this week? "Have I done any good in the world today?" by Alex Boye. Oh my heavens. SO GOOD. Sister Hurst and I had it on constant repeat for a few days. That being said, the words have taken a new meaning with being a missionary that I wish I would have noticed long before my mission. "There are chances for work all around us now, opportunities right in our way. Do not let them pass by saying sometime I'll try, but go and do something TODAY." Each time I question whether or not I should knock on a door or go and talk to someone, that line of the song comes to mind and I immediately find the courage to act. I have felt the spirit with me so much more as a result.

Experience 3: we were planning on watching the Christmas broadcast at the stake center, but when we arrived 2 minutes before one was there. Ahhhhh. "WE ARE GOING TO MISS MOTAB!" Hahaha literally the first thought we had. We went into speed mode (without actually speeding...cuz...yknow....we're driving the Lords car.) parked the car and RAN to our apartment just in time for the opening prayer. Haha never a dull moment ;)  I loved the broadcast though. My favorite part was Sister Burtons talk. She quoted the primary song, "He Sent His Son" my absolute favorite primary song. "How could the Father tell the world of love and tenderness? He sent his Son, a newborn babe, with peace and holiness." The Savior is the Prince of Peace. In this crazy world He truly is the only one we can turn to for true peace. I encourage all of you to remember in your prayers to ask for peace and joy during this holiday season, he will help you to find it :)

I love you all so much! The nostalgia of the Christmas season brings a smile to my face. Hearing familiar carols and seeing families together reminds me of my family back at home and makes me SO grateful for the knowledge of eternal families. Telling everyone about our Savior, Jesus Christ is the only thing I want to be doing at this time of my life. Like the angels telling the shepherds of the birth of the Savior, I too can "bring good tidings of great joy to this people".

Love y'all,
Sister Fletcher :)

We matched playing podball. Hahaha 

We decorated the tree in the mission office! Pictures of all the missionaries as ornaments :)

So. Many. Sweets.

 Biking in Billings. Brrr.

The temple :) things got crazy, so we can't go this week, but hopefully soon :)

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  1. Man! I love your gutz sister Fletcher! Your missionary spirit is so contagious! Praying for you and your success in the field!