Shorty short email

Hey all!

Well, it hasn't been much time since I last emailed....and I'll be talking with my family on Friday....sooooo I don't have much to tell ya! Haha sorry :)

I have loved Christmas as a missionary. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! I have loved showing the "A Savior is Born" video to everyone we meet with. I just grin every time they say "rejoice greatly." CHRISTMAS IS A TIME TO REJOICE! We aren't doomed to a lifetime of hardship and hurt. We are here to be happy and have joy ALWAYS. There will be times when it will be harder to find that joy, but it is always there because He was born, lived, and died. All for us.

There's no place I'd rather be right now :) I'm so grateful that God trusted me enough to send me on a mission. It's no picnic, but it's so worth it. All the ups and downs every single day are so worth it.

I love you all so much :) Be happy. Smile! LOVE YA!

Sister Fletcher :)

 caroling with my district! :) gotta love em

Echo Canyon

 my "it's so cold and I smell like smoke and dog drool" face

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