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Hey y'all! :)

So. I just realized that my email last week was a NOVEL. So sorry if I put you all to sleep with that one. Hahaha it's therapy for me okay!? First off, shout out to my new little cousin Sophie Jean :) I'm going to be your favorite cousin- you just don't know it yet. So don't let anyone tell you anything different mmkay? ;) also. Shout out to Sister Wright-my last companion- (nope. I still can't call her by her first name. Ah) SHE'S ENGAGED. Crazy girl. I'm excited for ya :)

GUESS. WHAT. We had 4 investigators at church yesterday :D it was awesome. I LOVE SUNDAY AND I LOVE IT EVEN MORE WHEN PEOPLE ACTUALLY COME TO CHURCH :D Our ward mission leader picked up A and his girlfriend (he is the less active that I talked about last week) and they came to church and LOVED IT. And R came with two of her kids. And THEN the 9 year old girl that we are teaching came with her parents. And then a potential that we have been trying to contact just showed up at church with his wife who is a member! It was awesome :) and it's really cool meeting with people that come to church later in the week and seeing their progress just skyrocket. :)

R is doing awesome :) we reviewed the commandments with her this last week and talked about the word of wisdom and tithing. She accepted it all and said she is excited to pay tithing and see the blessings that come from it. :) she will get baptized on Saturday! :)

We met with some investigators on Monday night last week It was sure an experience. It was the first time we had met with them, so we were going to share the restoration. Yeah...that didn't happen. We almost get to Joseph Smith and it just completely derailed. They started whipping out bible verses left and right and before I could blink they were having us read somewhere in Thessalonians! But even when stuff like that happens, and I panic that don't know the bible well enough, I know that I can share my testimony with them  and the spirit will come right back into the room. A simple testimony is SO powerful. All it comes down to is them being willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray with REAL INTENT to know if it is true. The promise at the end of the Book of Mormon in Moroni 10:4 is that if you read it with a sincere heart and with real intent he WILL manifest the truth of it unto you. That's an absolute. God only works in absolutes.  He WILL tell you if it's true or not. So how do we keep up our end of the bargain? A sincere heart. I think that that means that we have to want to know. It doesn't do any good to just read the Book of Mormon objectively. We have to be honest with ourselves which leads to the real intent part. Real intent means that when we do find the Book of Mormon to be true we will act on all the things it teaches to our best abilities. If we aren't willing to act, why would God give us the answer? It wouldn't do us any good! I encourage all of you read the Book of Mormon, and to read it with real intent. THAT is when miracles happen and answers come :)

Welp! I love you all lots and lots! :) smile. Be happy. Work hard. :)

Sister Fletcher :)
-side note from the mama: no mono but she most likely isn't healing from a sinus issue. Headaches, neck pain. Hmmm. Maybe immune to antibiotics. She's in an area that she is very allergic too:) but the Lord knows that so I'll let the He and the doctors figure it out. I trust them. 
Just chilling with Thomas Jefferson

hahahahahahahahaha I love the south side :) I also love that we are home by 9 and never outside at dark ;)

needed to use the wifi at McDonald's...felt bad...bought some ice cream. Seemed like a good excuse eh? ;)

chillin in primary and playing the music Super Bowl #itotallywon #allthesongsmemorized

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