Panic, Panic, Panic

Hey hey heyyyy!

Sister Hurst and I will both be staying in Billings for another 6 weeks! I knew coming into this area that I would be here a while, and I'm glad because the work is rolling forward in the Monad and Echo Canyon wards! :) lots of changes in my district and zone, I'm sad to see them go to different areas, but it's good to know that God is in charge and he puts us where he knows we will make the most impact. :)

Sister Linney will be staying here in Billings and training a new missionary annnnnnnnnnnnd we will be in a CAR SHARE. Woooooooot. Yeah. I'm MAJORLY stressing about that. It'll be fun though :) and hey, at least we have one car as opposed to no car! #pioneerchildrensangastheywalkedandwalkedandwalkedandwalked #icantoo

This week was AWESOME. So crazy and intense.

Ready to hear about the craziest day of my life!? How about a play by play?

Saturday February 13, 2016
6:23- alarm goes off. So. Tired. But my eyes slowly blink open and I remember. "BAPTISM DAY TODAY" I begin going about my morning routine with a skip in my step.
7:30- Nausea hits quite hard. Ah. Ensues throwing up various times. Oh no.
8-10- Attempt to study. Panic panic panic. I CAN'T BE SICK AND THERE IS STILL SO MUCH TO DO. Sister Hurst calls people to remind them to be there early for the baptism while I'm curled up on the floor willing myself not to be sick.
10:25- Feeling a bit better slash I refuse to be sick and I remember we forgot to print out music for the baptism
10:35-Speed to the church to get a children's songbook
10:45-Speed to the mission office to make copies
10:50- Call from the Ward mission leader saying they won't get to the church on time and if we could please go fill up the font. *panic panic panic* Baptism starts at 1. The font takes 2 and 1/2 hours to fill.
11- speed back to the church. Scrap all other plans for the afternoon.
11:10- We start filling the font and sit down to catch our breath and wait for it to fill. We write a card for Rama and wrap up some pictures of the temple and the savior to give to her. I "practice" the piano.
11:50- the font *seems* to be filling up
12:15- huh. It doesn't look like it's moving. #stillonlyafootofwater *panic panic panic*
12:30- Bishop Rodgers arrives. We come to the conclusion that the font is definitely not filling. Fun fact. You have to put a metal pole into the drain, and a large metal cylinder over it and THEN fill the font. Not just covering it with the metal round thingy. #thanksbishop #wishsomeonetoldusearlier
12:50- .....where is everyone?
1:00- still just bishop and us. *panic panic panic* the font is only halfway full *panic panic panic*
1:05- speakers for the baptism show up
1:10- Ward mission leader shows up
1:15- Rama shows up :D *slightly less panicking*
1:20- Rama's extended family shows up
1:25 Elders show up :0 sheesh. We remember we don't have a pianist (I decided that the 4 songs I can play weren't exactly baptism appropriate ;)) and there are a lot of nonmembers. Guilt Elder McMahon to play the piano. #thankyou #ourbad #planningfail
1:35- Baptism starts and we silently pray that the font will be full by some miracle in the next 20 minutes

I am pleased to announce that the font was full, and although the water was VERY cold Rama braved it and was baptized :) She set the example for all of her family and especially for her kids. The spirit was present and she felt very welcomed into the Monad Ward. :) She was confirmed on Sunday. I had yet another *panic panic panic* moment when it was time to start singing the sacrament Hymn and still no Rama to be found. As the singing began, we saw her 4 year old trying to keep the door open and we went and helped corral her 4 kids into a pew with her family. I'm telling you guys, Rama is a superhero. I don't know how she does it every day. As we sat with her cute kids while she received the gift of the Holy Ghost, I thought back to my baptism day and when I was confirmed. That same spirit, and same intensity that I felt that day- nearly 12 years ago- was the same warm spirit that I felt as Rama was confirmed. :)

It was a wonderful week. I absolutely love serving here.  It has been unseasonably warm here this last week, can't complain about that! ;) Although, I could do without all this wind. It has been cool reflecting on the things I have learned so far on my mission and finding different ways to strengthen my testimony. Can you believe it? A year ago I opened my mission call telling me that I would be coming to this amazing mission. I had no idea what was in store, but it has brought me more joy then I could have ever imagined. :) MISSION'S ARE THE BEST.

I love you all soooooo much :)

Sister Fletcher :)
 Billings Zone

 Cute letter from Kelsey

We went to Scheels last week and I got this wonderful sweatshirt :D too bad we can't wear I will be sending it home soon :( the grizzlies are in Missoula.)

 Love her.


  1. What an awesome week! Don't you love tender mercies of the Lord? So many in one day for you to remember. So glad you got to feeling better.

  2. Great play by play! I was sitting on the edge of my seat!! Did you end up feeling ok for the actual baptism? Love reading your posts sister!