I wanna get to the sun!

We were teaching a 9 year old and her family about the Plan of Salvation and at the end we asked the 9 year old to re teach us the entire plan with a little diagram we had. It was so cute :) At the very end her dad asked her what kingdom she wanted to end up in. She shouted "I WANNA GET TO THE SUN" Hahaha I guess "sun" is a lot easier to say than celestial ;)

This week was absolutely crazy. Although Sister Hurst and I weren't getting transferred  we housed  missionaries that were and drove them to and from the mission office all day Tuesday and Wednesday. This transfer was absolute insanity. Of the 200+ missionaries in our mission only 5 companionships stayed the same. Cray. Cray. It was good to see a lot of familiar faces and see President and Sister Wadsworth a little more than usual :) President gave Sister Hurst and I a VERY yummy waffle-caramel-cookie type thing. Secretly we are his favorite ;) haha I'm really not sure what happened earlier in the week other than that...because all I wrote in my journal Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday was basically "So. Tired. Getting up way early tomorrow. Need. Sleep. So many things." Hahahaha The car share has actually been super fun! Sister Linney and Sister Styer are the best :) Sharing a car just means we get to see them more ;)

Sharing a car also means a looooooooot more biking. Hahahaha Sister Hurst and I had a few appointments on the south side so we had the other sister just drop us off with our bikes. Well, little did we know that there would be INSANE wind and all of our appointments would fall through I could barely even stay upright on the bike. And I'm peddling....but like....not moving at all. Hahahaha So we tried to find people and went over to Rama's for a little bit and caught up with her. Oh my heavens. I LOVE RAMA. She just has this amazing light in her eyes now and it's so cool to see how happy she is. So we go back out into the wind and the cold and Sister Hurst mentions that she needs to go to the we biked over to Cabelas. Random. I know. It was the closest place! I thought we were going to die. I'm not even exaggerating. I HATE THE WIND. Biking. In a skirt. Wind. NO BUENO. We talked to a few people in Cabelas and watched all the little fishies and then the sisters came and picked us up. It was a very adventurous afternoon. BUT. I will say, miracles happen when you bike. We found a new investigator! :)

Okay, not sure how to transition into this next part. Just pretend it somehow all fits together ;) The English nerd inside me is cringing.

My heart broke in half yet again this week when we found out on Thursday that we would no longer be serving in the Echo Canyon Ward. I never realized how many times my heart would be crushed, stepped on, and broken in pieces while on my mission. Anytime an investigator denies or avoids receiving answers. Or that less active family doesn't walk through those chapel doors. And especially every time I leave a ward that I have served in. As missionaries we come to love and serve every member we possibly can in every ward we are in. The people in Echo Canyon took up a big spot in my heart and I was SO sad to spend my last Sunday with them. Elders were doubled in and although I'm sad I have all confidence in them that they will help the work to move forward there :) It has been cool to see the hand of God in every aspect of the work. Since we won't be in Echo, we will be able to devote more time to the Monad ward and the work happening there. We are still ward mission leader-less and have approximately 2 ward missionaries that are always out of town. SO. Any extra TLC we can give to Monad will be great :)

All is well in my corner of Montana :) I can't believe it. 9 months. Halfway. No. Eeeeek. WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!?!?!? Ah. No. So weird.

I love you all sooo much :) be happy. Work hard. Be the best you can be!
Love, Sissy Fletch

How many sister missionaries does it take to put a bike on a bike rack? Exactly 4. Did we even do it right? No. But we totally have it down now!

A dinner a member had a take home :) yummmm

 Last time in Echo :(

So Sunday afternoon we were trying to find a former and found her! She really wanted to show us this new bike she got...and subsequently showed us how to ride it...and made us ride it and take pictures ;) hahahahaha

Gorgeous rims and the temple. :) love it :)

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  1. I love reading your letters! The wind made me think of trek and the thought of you peddling on your bike and feeling like you weren't going anywhere made me think of The Wizard of Oz! Can't believe you have been gone for 9 months already! Glad you are loving your mission.