4 White Walls

Well my dearest friends and family, it's been a REAL interesting week. It is my hope that one of these weeks things will get back to normal. My poor companion got a very nasty stomach bug earlier in the week, and that kept her locked indoors for most of the week, and by default I was as well. I've become quite the pro at being a missionary stuck indoors. You message investigators for as long as you possibly can, send uplifting scriptures to ward members, watch The Testaments, Together Forever, and The District (in that order), and read as many conference talks as you possibly can.(New record. All of April 2015 conference. Woot!) All that being said, there really isn't much to tell all of you this week.... So I'll just go through some of the highlights.

On Wednesday and Thursday night I was able to go on exchanges with my MTC companion Sister Linney! It was great fun. Her companion was sick as well so we got permission from the STL's to leave our companions with gallons of Gatorade and boxes of Saltines in the apartment and we could split the work in our areas and do what we could :) We had a marvelous time, even though evvvvvvvverything fell through. We also found the LITERAL tower of terror. Sketch, my friends, sketch. I was convinced that elevator ride was going to be my last. Haha

Not sure if this counts as a highlight...but it sure was different than your normal everyday missionary experience! Sister Wach got suuuuuuuuper dehydrated because she couldn't keep anything we spent Friday night in the emergency room! So fun! ;)  She was SO mad that I made her go, but those IV fluids have helped her recover much faster. Keep her in your prayers!

Welp. That's about all I have for y'all! Have a happy week and a very happy Easter! :) This is my FAVORITE time of year :) #easter #conference #birthday #spring Be happy, work hard and remember who you are! :) Also! Share the Easter video! #Hallelujah mah fav!

Sister Fletcher :)

A man informed us that the elevator we were on gets stuck all the time....  *panic*

 5 days stuck inside...NAME THAT MOVIE DAD

Helped in the office with the never ending bike storage. SO MANY BIKES.

 Car wash! Super warm today!

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