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Hey y'all :)

It was a wonderful week full of learning and growing and smiles :) I hope yours was the same! I just found out about some pretty big news. Sister Hurst is getting transferred to Polson! SHE GETS TO DRIVE THROUGH ST IGGY AND I AM SO JEALOUS. Ah :( I'm going to miss her and I know the Monad Ward here will too. We are driving to Butte tomorrow to swap companions. My companion will be Sister Wach! Shes great. I'm excited! SO. Our plans for today have drastically changed. Not a ton of time to email as we will now be running every which way. Here's some journal summaries from the week:

I feel like this week went by SUPER fast.

Monday we had another lesson with Gary and Nicole. They want evidence of the Book of Mormon and won't take a "feeling" for an answer. We had a "Hey yo. You can't just search the Internet for the answers. You probably should read the Book of Mormon too" type of lesson with them. I think we made some headway? Hopefully they read this week.

Tuesday allllll of our appointments fell through. Lots of driving and walking. Shout out to Nat for sending those CD's during Christmas! #savedmysanity Its amazing how music can bring the spirit in or drive it away. Choose carefully!

Wednesday we had district meeting and didn't have the car during the day so we spent the whole day with members and pretty much felt like hitchhikers. We went and visited Vanessa again. She's doing really great. Still reading the Book of Mormon and the Bible! :) Later that night we were with an older sister in our Ward....who's driving....could be improved a bit....Lets just say that MANY silent prayers were said. We arrived to our appointment in one piece and she was a great help to have at our lesson with Aaron. He hasn't come to church since he came a few weeks ago. Boo. Next week.

Thursday was THE BEST. We went to the temple and helped clean the grounds :) Turning the corner into the temple parking lot and feeling the spirit come SO strongly made me grin from ear to ear the entire time we were there. There isn't a doubt in my mind that the temple is LITERALLY the house of God. There were about 50 of us missionaries that came and we were all assigned to pick up the pine needles that had fallen due to an early frost. PINE NEEDLES. Yep. There were so many of those little guys. We had the entire dumpster full of them by the end! Although the task was very tedious I enjoyed it thoroughly because of the constant spirit on those grounds. :)

Friday- So. Much. Weekly. Planning. Later in the day we went and met with Shelby and her family (Her Step-dad is Rama's dad) and we watched the Restoration with them. It was so cool to watch them as they began to connect the dots on the importance of the restoration. They all came to church on Sunday and Barry (Shelby and Rama's dad) bore his testimony on the Book of Mormon. :)

Saturday we did a whole bunch of finding and street contacting! There was one street where there were a lot of people outside, I didn't know quite how to talk to the first guy on the I did what every good missionary does- asked for directions ;) Turns out, the house number I asked for actually doesn't exist. It really concerned him! Haha I felt so bad. BUT. We are going back to visit him and another guy down the street next week :)

Sunday was wonderful and also terribly frustrating. JUST COME TO CHURCH PEOPLE.

I am so grateful for my testimony of the Plan of Salvation. It has helped me this week to know that through using the atonement we can get through everything. I honestly couldn't even comprehend life without knowing that my Heavenly Father loves me unconditionally and is always just waiting for me to turn to him. I don't know how to explain it. But basically we are the ones that decide how much light we want in our lives. We choose if we are okay with settling for a dimly lit room and not really seeing much. We add more light in by using the atonement, by really applying the teachings of the Savior in our lives. The room gets brighter and brighter and it's at that point when we can really see the entire room. I guess in that analogy seeing the room would be like seeing the hand of God in our lives. We no longer have to wonder what he is doing, we know that he is taking care of us!

Not sure if that made any sense at all. Haha BUT. I just want all of you to know that I know that our Heavenly Father loves us SO much. He doesn't want us to sit in a dimly lit room. He wants us to be able to see the amazing light and brightness that comes from living the gospel. I know that this church is true, I wouldn't be here if I didn't.

Love you all sooooo much :)

Sister Fletcher :)

 I made a case for my little Book of Mormon. It was starting to get pretty thrashed. 
Hooray for ensign pictures and lots of tape! 

 Much love for the temple

50 missionaries and a whole lot of tumbleweeds and pine needles

First one to find Elder Fox wins!

A less active we teach owns a pizza place and he gives us water otters every week.
 It's the little things that matter:)

This-my friends- is a carmel cookie waffle aka a round circle straight  from heaven

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