4 White Walls: the continuing story

Well my friends and family, I going to start out this email with a quote I found in a talk by President Monson. It's short, but super powerful:

Two men look out from prison bars;
One saw the mud, the other saw the stars.

Perspective my friends. PERSPECTIVE. It also basically describes my week. Yep. Another one spent indoors. While I wasn't behind prison bars (thank goodness) I did have to make sure I was seeing the stars, and not the mud. ;) Because let's be honest, being stuck inside as a missionary is less than ideal.

Sister Wach still just isn't getting better, although the doctors appointment she went to today was much more promising for results. We spent another night in the ER on Tuesday. President and Sister Wadsworth were kind enough to join us. I. Felt. So. Bad. We were there from 7pm until 12:30am. The Wadsworths know my aversion to anything of the medical variety and have taken to calling me "Dr. Fletcher" hahaha Sister Wadsworth and I are going to have the equivalent of a doctorate degree after this whole mess. ;) The ER was a grand adventure. President had a crunch bar for dinner and he made me eat a bag of chips for mine. Hahahahaha There were also a few crazy people in the ER that cornered us and told us the stories of their lives. Breaking news: Billy Ray had 4 of his toes chopped off. #ididntwanttoknowthat Anyway, we slept very well that night and luckily today we have gotten some answers on what we can do to help Sister Wach feel better.

So, yeah, another week indoors. I'm starting to go a bit insane. Our wifi also stopped working in our apartment except in a tiny corner of our living room, so I have spent the days curled up in that corner, downloading as many conference talks and videos as I possibly can to listen to while I clean or write. Some people also moved in upstairs and they seem to really enjoy satanic music at increasingly higher volumes as the day progresses. Sooooo we will be calling the landlord today ;)

We have gone out for 6 appointments this whole week. I can tell that our investigators and less actives are starting to get a bit frustrated with us. :( but yknow, it's teaching me to rely on my loving older brother and Savior, Jesus Christ. Because he knows the situation I'm in. He knows the people we are teaching. He knows the desires of my heart and the intentions I have to be a good missionary. So it's all going to work out. I have had a whole lot of time to reflect on the past 10 months of my mission and I have realized how real of a person he has become to me. It teaches me that sometimes
things just take time. Prayers are always always always answered. There isn't a doubt in my mind about that. Although this crazy journey of a mission isn't anywhere near what I thought it would be, I know it's exactly where I'm supposed to be and that the experiences I'm having are the ones my Heavenly Father wants me to have and needs me to have.

Well, if any of y'all have any good ideas of things to do while cooped up inside...send em this way! Preferably things to do with a lack of wifi ;)

Love you all!

Sister Fletcher :)

Going INSANE. Alllllll byyyyyyyy myyyyyyyyyyyseeeeeeelf

 When it's a rough week: Nutella

Sister Linney and Sister Styer caught wind that I loooooove peeps...and they gave me SO many of them.

The people that moved in upstairs think that it's cool to blast satanic music all hours of the day and night. It isn't so funny when it's two in the morning. #wegetupat630

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  1. Love you! Love your attitude! It's the right way to handle a situation like this. You're doing everything in your power to obey the rules, support your comp, and help your investigators. And you're right about the rest-it will work out in the Lords time. I feel your pain. I once read the entire D&C commentary while my comp was there a list of apostle-written books you can read? Let us know-we can send you some! Love you Sister Dr. Fletch!❤️