Temples are God's Duct Tape

Hey :)

I write to you as my companion is finishing up getting her hair cut. She's got a whoooooole lotta hair so I think I might be here for a while ;) This last week was crazy. Lots of ups and downs. We had three exchanges so I feel like I hardly ever saw Sister Hodgson! It went by so super fast, I can't believe it's Monday again. Ah.

Some highlights:

We taught Jonathan this week. I always learn so much from him. He's about 70 years old and found out recently that he has to have heart surgery. He's been thinking a lot about coming back to church and getting baptized. This last week we taught him the Plan of Salvation and it finally CLICKED. Like, I could visibly see a lightbulb going off in his head. We talked a lot about how God loves us and so He will ALWAYS give us opportunities to hear his gospel and participate in it.  Jonathan said something that was super sweet. "It's nice to know that God isn't ever going to leave me out in the
cold" True true true.

We taught the Zmoleks :) Lots of stuff going on in that family right now. The two boys are headed to Washington earlier than planned for the summer. We said bye to them last night :( Terrible. But anyway, earlier in the week we talked about the happy things of the gospel. They needed a bit of uplifting. Lots of funny quotes...
"Temples are God's duct tape"
"We just knee fived!" (Get it....Hahahaha")
"Sometimes we feel like a duck because we are stressed" (we watched the True Identity Mormon message about the ugly duckling. Hahahaha)
We put little superhero arm bands on our wrists and wrote CTR and pretended to block out all of the bad stuff and temptation with our super powers ;)

Awesome time working with members! We stopped by a few of the graduation BBQ's and followed up on a bunch of referrals that members have given us. The members are PUMPED about missionary work because they can see that we are LOVING it. :) ah. It's the best feeling.

We had a great lesson with Morgan too! Shes the one with the secret knock ;) She's coming to church next week and we are going to be teaching her in a members home! It's going to be awesome. We are starting with the very very basic truths of the gospel since she has had next to no religion in her life. How do you explain who God is to someone who has never believed?! It's harder than I thought. But yeah, Morgan is doing awesome. :) keep her in your prayers.

Oh! Miracle of the week. So, we weren't hungry last Monday...and didn't want to spend money on food...so we didn't. Bad mistake because we woke up the next morning and didn't have any food except for saltines, baked beans, and carrots. Hahaha the miracle is that by the end of the week our fridge was absolutely and totally stuffed with leftovers that members have given us. Missoula 3rd is the best ;)

I love love love love love being a missionary. It's the happiest thing I've ever done. I know without a doubt that we have modern day prophets and apostles that speak to us the things of most importance that God would have us know. I finished up reviewing this last conference and I'm about to start again. So much love for General Conference.

Love y'all

Sister Fletcher

 Tree of Life

 CTR Superhero's

 Jonathans house-vines and scarfs everywhere!

 When you run out of food...dinner=baked beans and Doritos

 When you forget the cross-bar...

 What missionaries REALLY do.

Teaching with technology.

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