Rainy days and smiling faces

Man oh man

This week was insane.

One second I was in Hamilton....then the YSA....I blinked and was back in third Ward...and now I'm sitting here stunned that Monday has already rolled around.

Because I was outside of the area most of the week on exchanges, I'm not too sure what to update you all on other than...
1. We found out that May and Ray are actually outside the Ward boundaries....by like 50ft. So bugged. But their daughter is in our primary program so they will stay until then. It's just a matter of when and how to tell them...
2. Still dropping a lot of investigators and cleaning out the area book.
3. Had a lesson on the temple with Jessica, Ray, and Ty. They're doing so great and are SO excited to work toward the temple.
4. We met with Morgan again. She's doing well. We showed her the video "the hope of Gods light" and she LOVED it.
5. Finding lots of promising people! Just praying it all goes well.

We're chugging along :) it's getting colder. Mixed feelings about that. We went BOWLING today!!! So fun :)

Okay. Ready for a cool story!? So I was sitting in gospel principles and our Ward mission leader, Brother McBride, was teaching the lesson. In the lesson he shared a story about how he served his mission in Oakland California. While he was there there was a huge earthquake. Well hey...my dad served there...and it was during a big earthquake...hm. So afterwards I asked Brother McBride about it AND GUESS WHAT. Not only did they know each other on their missions...They were in the MTC together and were best buds throughout it! SO COOL. So I got to spend some time looking at pictures of my dad on his mission. :) It was a pretty sweet experience. God really had to orchestrate all of that to work out the way it did. It was a testimony to me that He truly knows each one of us and wants us to be happy. Truly the essence of a "tender mercy" :)

Other than that... I'm excited for this next week! We're working hard and excited to see miracles everyday. I love being a missionary. :)
Over and out :)
Sister Fletcher


(mom didn't get an explanation of this one...but yes, that's a snake.)

 YSA Sisters

 My daddio breaking into his car on his mission ;)


  1. His Dad said, "Of course he got in, it's Milton V the problem solver!" Great story and example of how small the world really is. You are doing great on your mission.