Oh my heavens

Hey everyone!


This week was nuts.

I loved every second of it :)

Seriously, this crazy experience of being a missionary is one that I will never forget and hope to never take for granted. It goes by so incredibly fast. There were so many tender mercies this week and I wanted to share a few of them with you all.

I'm just so grateful for the companions I have had on my mission. There were so many moments this week where I so clearly needed to be with either Sister Pearson or Sister Crosland to have the experiences we had. It's so amazing to see the different talents and gifts that God gives us each individually. I've also realized that with each companion I get, I am reminded of weaknesses of my own that I need to overcome. It becomes so crystal clear that my Heavenly Father has a specific plan for me in his grand plan of happiness for his children. He molds us and makes us into the person we need to become in order to inherit the celestial kingdom.

Tawny. Oh goodness I loooooove Tawny. She's so funny. We taught her the restoration this last week and she knows it's true! We read Ether 12:27 with her and her reaction was the greatest. We explained how the Book of Mormon can answer questions we have and what Ether was trying to tell us. Her eyes got big....her jaw was gaping open...and she exclaimed, "WOAH. That's flippin INTENSE!" We send her scriptures everyday and get similar responses. Hahaha I love the Book of Mormon! It boldly testifies of truth.

Mark and Chris. Man oh MAN. They know the bible so well and it sure is throwing me for a loop. Our lesson with them last week did not go as planned. It was so frustrating. Their questions have been occupying my mind for most of the week. Marks big thing is that he thinks that you have faith AFTER you receive some evidence. Which is totally not true doctrine #alma32. He used the reference of faith without works. But since he doesn't yet have a testimony of the Book of Mormon...we are at a bit of a standstill. Many of the people we have met this week have also questioned us on how we can go on blind faith since we cannot see the gold plates and cannot see where the ancient prophets lived. So. All of these thoughts are swirling in my head all week, and
I'm starting to feel like I'm kinda crazy! What really is faith?! And then...Woman's Conference. The tender mercy of all tender mercies.

President Uchtdorf point-blank said, "Faith is being certain of what we do not see."
Yep! THATS RIGHT! Faith is being CERTAIN of what we do not see.
We have a lesson with them tonight and I'm STOKED. I can see glimmers of hope if they will just soften their hearts. I feel like Chris has some real intent and that Mark is willing to test it out...so...fingers crossed!

We got to have lunch with Ron and Shoni this last week. I taught them in my first area. I just love them :) it's a tender mercy to hear so much about my first area from Sister Crosland and to know that people I love oh so very much were being very well taken care of after I left. :) We also got to see many people from mission at woman's conference.

Well my dearest family and friends. The church is true, the book is blue. I'm having the best day ever so far :)
Be happy work hard!

Love, Sister Fletcher
 Oh just some Book of Mormon stories scavenger hunt. (Ammon:)

 Nephi building a boat...Laman and Lemuel just chilling.

 The Liahona pic...hahaha

 President Lindsey's!

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