Busy, Busy.

Tuesday we did lots and lots of teaching. We are currently working consistently with 6 investigators. We are always on a time crunch because there is SO much potential in this area. Wednesday we spent a little bit of time in Arlee, ate way too much sugar, and nearly died as a result. Not really, but learned our lesson. Sugar doesn't wake you up, working does! Thursday we had ZONE TRAINING. It was awesome. The Missoula zone is stacked with great elders and sisters, so it was great to learn from them all. Friday was a day where we woke up, stretched, came home and went to bed. The day FLEW by. The Krantz's invited the ward members and all of the investigators we are working with. In total, that's basically all of St. Iggy. Haha there was a great turnout AND we had a family that we are working with come to church this Sunday. HOORAH. :)The BBQ was a lot of fun. We had quite a few less actives there and our two investigator families. Pray for them.

This last week was HARD. So rewarding, but lots of ups and downs. It's the essence of missionary life. :) I love being a missionary. And I love being able to look back on the past 3 1/2 months and see how my spirit has grown. I never realized how stubborn I am until becoming a missionary. haha So thanks everyone for putting up with me. ;) Anyway, my stubborn self was very much humbled this last week. I had been feeling pretty good about most everything. Starting to get comfortable in my role as a trainer and a missionary, so I was getting a bit lax in my prayers and scripture study. Not. Good. I could feel myself slipping, and struggling more. On the drive up to Zone Training, Sister Wright asked me if it was okay if she asked someone for a blessing. We talked about it and I told her it was a good idea. My thoughts: "That will be good. I can listen to her blessing and pull from that and it will help me too. I'm not struggling too bad. I'll be okay" Then came the humbling. ;) At Zone Training, one of the assistants spoke completely about asking for priesthood blessing. That's it. Literally, just a few hours after Sister Wright and I had talked about it. He talked about how blessings aren't just for when you hit rock bottom, it's to prevent that! I was sufficiently humbled. We both got a blessing the next day, and my mission has completely changed since that moment. The priesthood is SO real. It's literally the power of God. That blessing was directly from Him. Not the two 19 year old Elders that spoke it. There were things in the blessing that directly correlated with my patriarchal blessing and setting apart blessing. Lots of tears :) I'm so grateful for a Heavenly Father who knows me and loves me. I'm so grateful to be surrounded by missionaries that follow the spirit. I'm SO grateful for Sister Wright. I learn so much from her. But mostly, I'm grateful to have a little missionary tag that has my name right next to the Saviors, reminding me to be better and to be humble like he was.

I love you all SO much. :)
Love, Sister Fletcher

hahahaha this cat. It literally climbed a fence and just stared us down 

Look Mom! Healthy food!

Our excited face when we find out that 4 of our investigators will be at church #wediedofhappiness

Preaching to the cows ;) I think they'll get baptized

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  1. Love that you're thankful for that little badge! I'm thankful for the wonderful missionary heart right next to it! You're in our prayers-carry on! ❤️