Take that Satan 👊


Guess what?
I made it through this week.
Believe it or not I was convinced that Sunday would never ever come.
BUT it did :) and it was WONDERFUL :)

This week....was interesting. The hardest week of my mission so far by a long shot. Satan was having a heyday with Sister Wright and I. Haha. The week started with a bug infestation, both in my hair and in our room. We spent the majority of Monday cleaning everything. Reorganizing. Slaying various bugs. It was lovely ;) Sister Wright is an absolute angel. She lovingly washed my hair and picked out all the little bugs. (I know. I still shudder at the thought that there were little BUGS. IN.MY.HAIR.) It was a funny bonding experience. :) The next day through a series of tender mercies, Sister Wright went to the doctor and found out she had bronchitis. Believe me, it was a tender mercy that she got there, she hates going to the doctors office, and so do I. So it was only through a broken iPad, divine intervention, and Sister Wadsworth that we went. We were then sentenced to a night of.... RESTING. Not cool. That's the last thing a missionary wants to do. Rest. Bleck. Sister Wright was so sick and wanted to be out teaching SO badly haha, she couldn't sit still! We cleaned and weekly planned for at least 8 hours. We spent Thursday night and all of Friday at home resting, I got a cold, and we found mice in the bathroom where we lived. Yeah.  That was fun. #ihatemice #justletmeshowerinpeace And THEN we found out we have to take the car in AGAIN to be fixed. So there were lots of trying things this week. But I'm learning that they were just that: things. :) I'm still alive, I still have *most* of my hair. Sister Wrights cough is better. We have caught 3 mice and I only screamed at 1. Take that satan!

There were many great experiences this week, but I'm not remembering them right now. I'm currently in Missoula on exchanges with Sister Bell :) We're about to play pod ball with the Elders. I'M SO EXCITED. I miss being competitive and playing volleyball everyday :) Well! I love you all SO much. I'll end this email with what I spoke about on Sunday. (Yes. After this week Brother Krantz STILL made us speak ;) hahaha) I spoke about how no matter what phase of life you are in right now, be it in high school, being a parent, retired, or whatever, God expects you to give him your ALL. Are you giving him your all?
Think about it :)  Love, Sissy Fletch

 Trials and Blessings. (Sister Wrights notes)

 Cleaning it ALL!!! Bad Bugs.  Skirt broke. Car going to the shop.

Food for the sick.

 Cutting wood with Brother Krantz.  

;) I got a dollar!

Still Smiling!

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