Of Training and Tracting

How are you all?! This week was FANTASTIC. It rained! It's cold!
There's snow on the mountains! I have a wonderful companion! We aren't
living in two places! I ate lots of yummy fruit! We are tracting a
lot! If you can't tell, all that equals a very happy Sister Fletcher
:) Sister Wright is my new companion. She's from Eagle Mountain and I
knew her in junior high! She's AWESOME. I'm convinced she came
pre-trained. We laugh a lot and have so much fun together and spread
the joy of the gospel to everyone in St. Iggy:)

I don't have a lot of time, I was just notified that the zone leaders
are switching out my iPad and giving me a new one. SO I'm frantically
typing away and sending all my pics so I still have some evidence of
being on a mission.

This week we had to drop a few investigators :( that never ever gets
easier. But I have been able to see that when we do what is right and
focus on the missionary purpose, God places people in our path that
ARE prepared. Just like last night! It was the last door we were going
to knock on. I was hesitant to go because there was a Beware of Dog
sign. #stillhavescars but Sister Wright was undeterred. We walked to
the dogs....not even a bark....weird. We knock..."come in,"
we opened the door to see the stunned face of the owners of the house.
Then the dogs came running and luckily they were just happy to see us,
no biting. Owner was astounded that we made it to the door without
the dogs barking. He said missionaries had tried to come to the door
before but the dogs would keep them out. We told him that God provides
a way for  missionaries to find people that are prepared to hear
our message. It took some coaxing, but we built a good friendship with
him and his daughter and have a return appointment! Hoorah!

Gtg! The church is true! Be happy! Cheer loud for BYU for me. :)
Love, Sissy Fletch


St. Iggy water tower

Sister King and sister Granados. Mtc buddies at transfers together
waiting for our companions


Sister king and I in the wilderness tracting on splits

My new companion Sister Wright!

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