Alphabet Soup


Emailing way super early today because THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO.
There's this thing called transfers...
I'M GETTING TRANSFERRED TO BILLINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (insert all emoji of emotions.)
Ahhhhhhhhhhh! So crazy! I was NOT expecting to leave! I don't think it has actually hit me that I'm leaving this little town in the mission valley yet. I've spent 6 months here! How cool is that!? I'm going to miss the ward here and the beautiful mountains. I was pretty misty-eyed throughout church yesterday. TRANSFERS. SO MANY MIXED EMOTIONS. Billings. Mdjsowkndowlwmsjoaaknsisoqkwndioa WHAT EVEN DO I DO WITH A "BIG CITY"?!?!?!?!?!? Hahaha :)

This week was good, I honestly don't remember much of it. So crazy and all over the place. So. Here is the alphabet of my week.

A: Animals love sister wright, they stalk us while we do service
B: Baked cupcakes for district meeting birthdays!
C: Cantaloupe. I want to eat some cantaloupe.
D: Driving the Lord's Ford makes me happy
E: Eating sandwiches is my liiiiiiiife
F: Family home evening lesson last night with the Broughtons about the word of wisdom! We played head shoulders knees and 15 times. :)
G: Guessssss what! I do not like to pack my life into two suitcases and a carry on
H: Huckleberry ice cream is THE BEST!
I: Indian tacos for dinner tonight
J: Joseph Smith. I wish to be more like him.
K: King, Sister is coming over tonight and then we shall transfer together!
L: Laughing allllllll day with Sister Wright
M: More doctor visits. Boo.
N: No room in the inn (We went to Bethlehem this week. #christmasparty)
O: Out of Nutella
P: Playing piano in priesthood. Hahahahaha
Q: Quitting quitting sugar
R: Remember that one time my companion fell in a trash can?
S: Sister Wright is so sassy
T: Totally getting sick. Boo.
U: Unusual noises upstairs. #haunted?
V: Very strange to be in my room...but not have any of my stuff.
W: Waiting for laundry to be done
X: x-Ray for my companion? We shall see.
Y: Youuuuuuuuu should all write me a week ;)
Z: Zoo town today to play PODBALL!

Love you all! Bye!
Love, Sister Fletcher

 Going to miss this beautiful place!

Also. Wood. Brother Krantz taught me the art of stacking wood for the fireplace#usefulthings
It's below bout some ice cream? #rudolph
Every morning. This is what the windshield looks like.

Missoula Zone!

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