Wherever you are, that's where you are.

Hey all!

Short one this week! Heading to zoo town to play podball and volleyball with the wonderful Missoula zone. :) Also. Going to Walmart #finally #ilovewalmart This week was...all over the place. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I'll include some lowlights and highlights from my journal:

Tuesday: Crazy intense lesson with this sweet couple we're working with. I've been working with them for 6 months and love them SO much. Anyway, it was a sort of make-or-break lesson in which Sister Wright and I boldly testified of the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and Thomas S. Monson. I'm hoping they will pray about it all. That's the only thing keeping them from knowing it's true. I just don't think they quite desire it enough yet. Boo. Someday though.

Wednesday: That's it. I'm done. The minute a mouse is found...I'M OUT. Gah. Sister Fletcher and the horrible no good very bad day" Today. Yep. On the bright side, The Malt Shop had birthday cake ice cream. So I guess it wasn't THAT bad of a day. 

Thursday: Weekly planning reminds me each week that I have the shortest attention span EVER. *later in the day* Okay funny story. We're driving home from visiting some ward members and Sister Wright is leaving a voicemail for the Polson Sisters. She's just talking and leaving a message until right about.....
SW: " yeah we'll be at the baptism on saturday and....ew. Sister Fletcher there's a dead animal in the road"
SF: EW! Gross. WHERE?!
*Screams of disgust*
*screams* *turns the car* *avoids mostly dead cat* *screams*
SW:Um well.... I hope you enjoy that voicemail sisters....we're still alive....the cat is too...I think... um...bye. 

hahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha Poor cat. 

SO. I'll explain the title of my email now. We had a zone training last week and our zone leader Elder Syrett wrote "Wherever you are, that's where you are" on the board. We all talked about it for a while and discussed it's many meanings. Wherever you are right now. That's where you are. You are at this phase of life at this particular time for a specific reason.Whether it's in high school, on a mission, home from a mission, starting a family, watching your kids grow up, or spoiling grand kids, you are where you are for a reason. A personal reason for just your growth and benefit and also the benefit of those around you. Sometimes we wish we could just fast forward or rewind to seemingly easier or better times. That is NOT a part of God's plan. Each phase of life has something specific to teach us. Each trial. Each joy. They are all so we can learn. I know I've said things similar to this before, but I think it's so important to find joy in every part of the journey of life. It's a lesson I'm constantly learning. Over. and. over. and. over. again. 

Love you all. Miss you. Transfers are this next week. SO send any letter/packages/cookies today or tomorrow! :) haha Have a happy week!

Love, Sister Fletcher try and find people to teach...and only the cats will listen. So cute.

We went to Polson on Monday and ate at "The Cove" so yummy. 

 It doesn't get any better than this :) lots of driving this week:) Flathead Lake in Polson. GORGEOUS.

St. Iggy

 The only restaurant in St. Iggy, Oldtimers, is owned by some members #freefood

Teaching gospel principles on the signs of the second coming :)

Shelf building video
building shelves for the best relief society president ever-hope video works!

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