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START. Monday. Let's start at Monday.

I packed up all my things in about an hour and a half. It was insane.
So many things. We went to Missoula and bowled with our zone. Only two
of us changed out of the entire Missoula zone! After that Sister
Wright and I went to dinner at the Mauldings. They made us Indian
Tacos and Ron made his special huckleberry cobbler. Heaven. Absolute
heaven. That goodbye was pretty hard, but I'll see them again :)
Sister King and I headed out the next morning. I said goodbye to the
Krantz's. That goodbye was the hardest one. They were my home away
from home. Ah. Going back to see them too. Transfers. Bleck. Anyway! I
cried for the first half hour of the drive with Sister King.  She
lovingly cried with me ;) 6 months in an area for both of us! We drove
3 hours to Helena through a minor snow storm where I was able to see
sister Hodgson! Love her. :) it was so funny to see all of the
missionaries running around in the snow trying to find where to go
with their 3 suitcases. Hahaha Sister Jenkins and I loaded everything
in the transfer van with 11 other missionaries and set off for
Billings! I love the transfer van. We all talked about why we came on
missions, the best part of being a missionary, hardest part, things we
did before we were on missions, and how our testimony has grown being
a missionary :) more tears ;) The missionaries in this mission are THE

So now I'm in Billings! Ah, it is so different from St. Iggy. I feel
So. Lost. All. The. Time. Like...since when are there this many doors
to knock on!? Haha we live in an apartment in between our two areas.
We are over the Monad and Echo Canyon wards. I drive past the temple
ever time we go to echo canyon :) I will also be working in the
mission office a few times a week! WOOT. I LOVE THE OFFICE
MISSIONARIES. Plus, I'll get to see el presidente and sister Wadsorth
a lot more :) ah. It's different but I LOVE IT HERE. Sister Hurst is
the best! I'm so grateful for the ward members here that showed so
much love for Sister Hurst and I on thanksgiving. Every home we went
to welcomed us with food, hugs, and lots of questions about missionary
work. I felt so comfortable and so loved. It was amazing. We had 1
thanksgiving dinner and a whooooooooole bunch of dessert. We spent the
day in the homes of 4 different members. It was great :) I never want
to see another slice of pumpkin pie though ;)

I'm grateful that I am able to be a missionary. SO grateful. Last
night we had an awesome lesson with Jesse. We found him trying to find
another potential. That person had moved out and Jesse and his 7 year
old son moved in. Jesse originally was just interested in his son
learning about Jesus, but when we came back last night, he had read
the entire pamphlet and had questions and really enjoyed what he was
learning. He mentioned that he loved the feeling that he got when he
read it. :) sister Rogers (the bishops wife) came with us and she was
able to testify that you don't have to be perfect to go to church. It
was so vital to have her there. We review the restoration and focused
especially on prophets, that was a concern of his. We gave him a Book
of Mormon and invited him to read it and pray about it. He brought up
how he would do it with real intent, like the pamphlet said. :) HE IS
SO PREPARED. We are planning to put him on date soon :)

Here's some quotes from ward members that I particularly enjoyed:

If you do it out of love, it will all work out. -Sister Robbins

"Just get awkward and get in that house! Bring popcorn and have a
movie party and let them feel love!" -Sister Moss
hahahaha that one was at the pulpit. She was talking about how
everyone needs a friend and we just need to get past the awkwardness
and go over and talk to members of the ward that don't come :)

Alrighty, here is a condensed version of what I'm particularly
grateful for this week :)

Grateful for the Utah grid system. Billings does NOT have it. #alwayslost
Grateful that every time I've almost cat like reflexes
have kept me upright
Grateful for sister hursts awesome selection of gospel music #alexboye
#vocalpoint #princeofegypt #irishjig
Grateful for members!
Grateful I haven't thrown up all the food I've eaten this week
Grateful I don't have diabetes....yet
Grateful for the Christmas tree
Grateful for the jar of Nutella I splurged to get
Grateful for extra warm socks
Grateful that there is a spiny chair in our apartment #socomfy
Grateful for my warm coat
Grateful for people who say "ruut" instead of root and "beg" instead of bag. :)
Grateful for the pics mom sends :)
Grateful that I'll get to go back to St Iggy
Grateful for the smell of toast that isn't burned
Grateful for the Chevy Equinox we drive #itkeepsuswarm
Grateful for my warm bed to sleep in
Grateful that I normally fall asleep before the trains start going outside
Grateful for Jesus Christ and the atonement
Grateful for all those that email me :)
Grateful for my family
Grateful for ALL THE THINGS :)

Love you all! Have a happy week!
Sister Fletcher:)

 Nbd. Just a small blizzard on the way to Helena.

Just getting a head massage!


So. We're driving past this house my first night here and there's a  Christmas tree going through the roof! Knocked on his door just because we could. He went and found the tallest tree he could. Cut it right at the ceiling, and put the rest on the roof. That is how you do Christmas my friends ;)

 Setting up our Christmas tree:)

Cute primary board, most of them say "give him a hug" "tell him I love him" but a few say "I'd scream and cry" hahahaha

I found this wild snake and tamed it.

Sister Hurst and I helping direct traffic at the turkey run on Thanksgiving. -2 degrees. Nbd.

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