Of Prophets, People I love, and Progression

Hiiiiiiiii :)

Man oh man. ISN'T GENERAL CONFERENCE THE BEST?!?!? I'll tell you my favorite parts and specific things I learned in a bit. BUT FIRST.

Let me tell you about some people that I love quite a lot. :)

Mickey :) she is an investigator we are currently teaching. She has a little 18 month old daughter, Sapphire and is the most positive, happy person I have ever met. I included a picture of her on her birthday. We celebrated with her and invited her to watch general conference. SHE WAS STOKED. It has been hard for her to grasp gospel concepts, but this weekend she really got excited about living prophets and apostles speaking to us. She was working during all sessions of conference, but we went over on Saturday night and and Sister Wach mentioned that she felt impressed to show her Elder Holland's talk, Behold Thy Mother. We did, and I am SO grateful we followed the prompting. It was exactly what Mickey needed to hear.

Cheri and Rex. Cheri is a new investigator. We have been teaching her brother Rex who is a returning less active member. They are in their 50's and Rex owns American Classic Pizza in Billings. Taco pizza? To die for. We had a lesson with Cheri earlier in the week completely focused on the intro to the Book of Mormon. She is beginning to read it AND she watched the first part of the Sunday morning session of conference with us in a members home. :) Wooooot!

Robin. :) y'all might remember her from St. Ignatius. :) I can't even begin to tell you how much I miss her and how much I love her. She hasn't had internet for the past FOREVER so I haven't been able to talk to her. BUT BUT BUT by a miracle earlier this week her wifi randomly started working and I was able to message her a little bit on Facebook :) She's doing great :) Can't wait until October <3

We haven't been able to meet with our little 9 year olds this week :( They're doing well though. Their testimonies are becoming strong and they are helping their families to come back to church by their examples.

I am super grateful to be able to stay in the Mighty Monad Ward for another 6 weeks :) We attended their Trek fundraiser this last week. Yes, tears were shed as I watched their previous trek video and reflected on  my own experience a few years ago on trek. It was hot. It was miserable. It was a whole lot of walking. BUT it was amazing and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Kinda just like a mission ;) haha I want to stay in Billings forever. Or go back to St. Iggy. ;) Montana has my heart.

Okay okay okay. CONFERENCE. So. Many. Things.

First. How blessed are we to have modern day prophets, seers, and revelators that love us SO MUCH?! It honestly makes me tear up every time I think about it. It really is proof that we have a loving Heavenly Father. He wants us to know how to get back to Him, and so he tells us how through those he calls.

Second. Favorite talks are as follows in no particular order:
1. Elder Bednar in the Saturday afternoon session. It was like having a fire hose of doctrine right in your face. SO GOOD. Can't wait to read it over and over again.
2. President Monson in the Sunday morning session. So much love for him. It was a message I needed to hear. So simple, but SO powerful.
3. Elder Holland in the Sunday afternoon session. Desire+Striving=Blessings I couldn't write any notes because I couldn't take my eyes off of him speaking! Powerful and EXACTLY what I needed to answer my questions.
4. President Uchtdorf's talk in priesthood. He is so bold and so loving. CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY. Look for the good in others. Always a good reminder.

Third. I cried when conference ended...And started watching it again. Sister Wach is still on the mend and I got a nasty cold about halfway through the week (no surprise at this point. I think I'm allergic to the state of Montana) so we only spend a few hours up and out of the apartment each day. The rest of the time I am devouring conference talks and cookie dough :) how's that for imagery? ;)

It was a GOOD week. I can see how the situations I'm in are to help push me to become better. Conference provided a MUCH NEEDED spiritual boost. I'm excited to not have to pack and to give our apartment a nice deep clean today :) I'm glad to be in Montana as a missionary. Although lately it has been a struggle to feel that way, I know that I'm here for a reason :) I'll end with part of President Wadsworth's email this week.

"The big question that always comes to mind for me [after conference ends] is “How do I apply what I have learned so that I can make meaningful changes in my life?”  Naturally if we were to try and change our lives on every subject that was presented we would be overwhelmed and incapable of making any changes.  We would be discouraged and depressed because of our inability to accomplish what we deemed necessary.  The appropriate approach is to let our spirits be guided by the Holy Ghost as to that which would be of most worth for us to accomplish.  Small accomplishments lead to small successes which in turn increases our ability to do more and to accomplish more. We go forward learning and applying line upon line precept upon precept—here a little there a little.  Growth in small increments is better than no growth at all."

Love y'all :)

Sister Fletcher :)


Just for you mom. Proof I sometimes do my hair ;) hahahahaha

MICKEY. Oh my heavens. I love her. It was her birthday this week and
she invited us over for cake and ice cream. :) The other person in the
pic is her cousin Elisabeth, who we are attempting to teach :) ah. I
just wish all of you could meet Mickey. She. Is. Amazing.

In the spirit of obedience...we ended up having to hitchhike with Rex
and his sister to the church. Hahahaha long story.



  1. "Like a firehouse of doctrine right in your face" and "devouring conference talks and cookie dough". Sounds like a couple of really good essays/journal entries waiting to be written! I just love you! Seriously tho, I was thinking about you being stuck indoors so much and I remembered one of the things I did on my mish when that happened to me, was I wrote little "epistles" to some of our investigators, about subjects I was studying or things they were struggling with. We were also allowed to wrote letters to certain investigators in past areas. I think you'd be really good at the epistle thing! I'd sure read 'em! Just keep swimming Sister Fletch! I'm so proud of you! The Thues love you!❤️

  2. Oh how I love reading about your time on your mission! Not so much about you being sick though. It makes me happy that you think with fondness and wanting or maybe being willing to do it again. I love you and am so happy that your mission has been a great experience for you! I loved conference also!