Rain or Shine

Hey y'all :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! It's been crazy over here in my corner of the Lords vineyard. But good, there's never a chance to sit and think too hard about anything because there are sooooo many things to do.

We have had some pretty powerful lessons with people we are teaching this week. A whole lot of tears from them and from me. It funny how seeing people cry as a missionary brings so much joy because you KNOW they are feeling the spirit. Haha

We had an awesome lesson with Mickey on Tuesday. She fed us authentic Mexican food. Mmmmm. So good. And then we had a lesson with her focused on how her heritage is connected to the Book of Mormon. IT WAS SO COOL. So at the beginning she wasn't understanding all. And so sister Wach whipped out the note app on the iPad and I started to draw everything out. How Lehi is a descendant of Abraham and how his posterity turns into the Lamanites who eventually turn into part of the American Indians and her specific tribe in Mexico. It was the highlight of my week to see it all click and to see her love and desire to read the Book of Mormon increase so much. Still helping her
to understand the need for baptism. She's getting there :)

I love teaching people about the Book of Mormon. Love it love it love it. It truly testifies of Christ and contains all of the doctrine and principles pertaining to our happiness here on earth and in the life to come. I'm in Mosiah right now. ALMOST TO MY FAVORITE PART. We also studied Jacob 5 in Sunday school. (Sister Wright, there was much shoulder shrugging on my part ;)) there is so much in that chapter. I can't get enough of it.

One of my favorite parts of being a missionary work is Saturday nights. There is this adrenaline that comes with texting, and messaging, and stopping by everyone we possibly can to invite them to come to church. My thumbs have never moved so fast. Hahaha Our 9 year old came to church again! So she's good to go and be baptized on the 30th!!!!!! SO EXCITED!! She has a testimony of her own. And I'm so proud of her for that.

Oh! Rama had her baby :) we got to go visit her in the hospital and the elders gave her and the baby a blessing. The baby is still in the nicu. Keep them in your prayers!

I've been studying a lot about covenants lately. I got an assignment for district meeting to basically just talk about whatever I feel the district would need to hear. We are kind of having a mini general conference I guess you could say. I have been thinking about it a lot and have really had it impressed on me that we need to become covenant makers and keepers and teach our investigators and less actives how to do the same. There is a reason we covenant what we do when we are baptized, it is to prepare us to make and keep covenants in the temple. I would encourage you all to read the talk Obedience, Consecration, and Sacrifice by Bruce R. McConkie ITS SO GREAT. As my understanding for the promises I have made with God has increased, my love for him and for keeping the commandments has also increased. He always has a reason for requiring us to do things. Even the things that are hard. ESPECIALLY the things that are hard.

I love you all so much. :)

Sister Fletcher :)

Shout out to mi parentals for teacching me how to sweep; we did a whole lot of it this week.

 Rama's baby-has some intestinal issues and being taken to Colorado.

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