Whirlwind of a Week

First off. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD. :) I love youuuuu!!!! :) 

It never ceases to amaze me HOW FAST TIME IS FLYING. I swear yesterday was Monday. Pretty sure I'm in a time warp. Eeeeek. This week was nuts. Nothing normal about it. I think I might have to explain things today in a list. Yes. Let's make a list.

  • Exchanges this week were SUPER good :) I got to be with Sister Rammell, my first trainer! It was super cool to be out teaching with her again. :) It was also fun to reflect on the beginning of my mission and see how much the both of us have progressed throughout out time as missionaries. 
  • I found a snow cone shack. It's owned by a member. Missionaries get free snow cones. In other news..I'm doomed. 
  • Dearest Sister Wach has gone home :( she wasn't able to recover as well as she needed to and so she is home now. It was really really sad to see her go. 
  • I am now in a trio with...... SISTER LINNEY AND SISTER STYER. :) Sister Linney and I were MTC companions so we are basically living the dream now ;) And I loooooove Sister Styer so much. It's going to be a lot of fun the next few weeks. We will be covering the Pioneer Park and Monad wards. It's going to be INSANE. I'm ready to get to pounding the pavement though. Bring. It. On. 
  • Annika is doing awesome. She wasn't able to make it to church though and we wanted her to get to primary before her baptism so we pushed it back a week. We met with her last night and read the Book of Mormon with her. It has been so cool to see her little testimony grow. She has been an amazing example to her family and to me. 
  • We had Dinner with the Mullikins this last week. Okay. This was pretty much the highlight of my week. Sister Mullikin is a stalwart member and Brother Mullikan is not and is as stubborn as anyone I've ever met. He had a stroke right when I got to this area (5 months ago) and he has been softening up to the church little by little. Where before he refused to have dinner with missionaries or even go to church, he is now doing both! He still refused to take the lessons. We joked with him about getting baptized and when he said he wouldn't his wife said "well that's okay, I'll just baptize you when you're gone" he responded with "by heck you wont!" Sad, but at least we can talk to him about it now! Hahahahaha he made me wear his cowboy hat during dinner. I think he secretly likes me ;) I'm determined to help him at least learn about the gospel in any way I can. He loves music and so when we went there for dinner we sang I Need Thee Every Hour and talked about how we are dependent upon God. He came to church again and stayed all three hours! He knows it's true. He's just stubborn.
  • We found a less active couple earlier in the week. Sister Hurst and I had gone by their 5th wheel trailer once before but we're not able to make it to the door due to a ferocious three legged pit bull. Well, we braved it and went and knocked on the trailer. No pit bull to be seen. The lady that answered said that we were looking for her grandparents that lived in the house behind the trailer. ...what? There's a house back there? I felt like I had stepped into a 3rd world county walking to their home. Garbage was everywhere. The ceiling was being held up in some places by crutches.  The door was answered by a man that looked very similar to miracle max from Princess Bride. He had the kindest eyes I have ever seen and wild white hair. His wife joined us. She has Alzheimers and had her hair in a classic 40's twist :) haha As I sat with them and heard their stories, tears could not be kept inside. They couldn't take care of their house anymore because of their age. He had arthritis and his arm is partly paralyzed. It. Was. So. Sad.  They feel bad they haven't come to church, but they really just can't! We brought the matter to the Ward council and I'm excited to see where it goes and what we can do to help them! 
  • We were nominated in Ward council to speak on Mother's Day...wish us luck ;) #thetearswillbeREAL 
  • No more car share! But it doesn't even matter because we don't have any miles left for the month! #sorryelderbaird 
  • OH!! So on Thursday we helped out in the Mission Office. Sister Draper found a place to donate all of the extra bikes (all 44 of them) and so we hooked up the big transfer trailer to her truck and went with her and Elder Baird to load up the bikes. I can't even explain the love I have for the senior missionaries here. They are amazing. I truly am SO blessed to be able to be assigned to work in the office with them. After a few difficulties with the trailer, we finally got the bikes to the Yellowstone Boys and Girls Ranch. They were so thankful for all of the bikes. I love serving. :) 
  • Got to go to the temple. :) So much peace and joy there. :) I've missed it sooooo much. My understanding of revelation and prophets grew exponentially. 
  • My testimony of the power of the priesthood grew a ton this week too. I always think that is okay and that I don't need a priesthood blessing, but then God humbles me and I am astounded at the guidance, direction, and love that I would have missed had I not asked for one. 

That's all for now folks! (Anyone? Anyone?) haha I need to unpack...bleck....
Love you all! 
Love, Sister Fletcher

Legit-almost cried eating that snow cone. Mango-lada the best kind.

 Oh, how I love Sister Wach!

 Dinner with the Mullikins :) should I keep wearing cowboy hats? ;)

Goodbye apartment 13!
 Not amused with packing

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