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Happy 4th of July!!!!!! :) I don't have much time today because we are going to be RUNNING everywhere. This morning we helped out at Fort Missoula with their annual 4th of July breakfast. After we do laundry and go shopping we are going to head up to a pow wow in Arlee (my first area). I'M SO EXCITED. Authentic Indian tacos. Absorbing the culture. Talking to everyone. And walking down a bit of memory lane :) It's going to be great! A year ago I would have never thought I would
be able to come back to the exact same place! It's such a blessing!

This week has been crazy. Transfer week. It was SO HOT. We pretty much melted on Wednesday as we threw suitcases around and made sure everyone got where they needed to go. Only 2 new people in the zone this transfer! One of them was Sister Fredrickson who I served around in Billings and the other is Elder Rentfro!! He's the new zone leader here and we went to high school together!!! It's sooooo weird. Crazy to see worlds colliding! #westlakepride

On Friday we had zone training. I was asked to give a discussion on priesthood keys, temple covenants, and obedience. Nbd. Just the most doctrine packed topic ever. It was pretty intense having just a few hours the day before to prepare for it. I pulled a lot from the talk Powers from Heaven by Elder Bednar. SO GOOD. I was glad it was something I was already thinking a lot about last week. I am so grateful for the restored gospel here on earth. The blessings that come from it are innumerable.

The work has been kinda slow this week for some reason? Its been weird. Probably because there's a whole lotta drinking over here due to 4th of July weekend....so that's fun. We went to the farmers market with Morgan on Friday and she introduced us to a bunch of her friends! It was so fun walking around and seeing pretty much everyone in Missoula there. People watching is always fun, and this time was the best to see everyone's eyes look straight to the tag...and then to my face. I love my little black name tag!! :) Jonathan is doing awesome. We brought Jessica to one of his lessons and they REALLY hit it off. Like... The only words I said were when the clock was ticking close to curfew and I blurted out "hey! We have to get home!" Hahahaha probably could have been a bit more tactful.... But we were so happy that they both found a friend :)

Welp! This church is true my friends. I'm so grateful to live in this wonderful place during this amazing time. Enjoy the time you have with family and friends today!

Love, Sister Fletcher

 BBQ time

Indian taco

 This guy was playing a saw! It was insane!

Biking in the POURING rain!

 Playing outside...looking homeless... Hahaha

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  1. I love your Fourth of July outfit!!!!! Your mission looks amazing!!!!