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Hey everyone!!! 
It's been a fantastic week over here in the bitterroot. It's definitely getting a whole lot colder and a whole lot darker. We spent quite a bit of time traveling this week with transfers. It's been pretty cool to see the drive from here to Helena in each different season. I'd definitely recommend  visiting Montana in June or September. SO PRETTY. :) Road trip anyone? ;) 

We have been working hard at finding new people to teach, and we found quite a few and had follow up appointments with them this week! Many of them are interested in knowing what we believe, and are in fact searching for truth. BUT THEY WON'T READ THE BOOK OF MORMON. 😑Many of them have had bad experiences in the past and it makes them hesitant to read something and be "deceived." So, we're finding ways to read it with them. I have never learned so much about various Christian religions in my life. It's been cool to delve deeper into how the Book of Mormon and the Bible work together. If you haven't read the talk "The Blueprint of the Church" READ IT. It explains so much about how our church today is the same as the one established by Jesus Christ.

A highlight of the week was getting to be in a trio with Sister King. Her and I talked on Facebook the night before we entered the MTC and ended up being in the same district! It's been a year since we have served around each other! It was such a sweet experience to be able to run around Missoula talking with everyone and teaching the restored gospel with her. Such a great tender mercy :) 

I'm at my absolute favorite part of the Book of Mormon right now. The beginning of the book of Alma. SO GOOD. I wish I could put into words everything I am learning. This week I learned so much about humility. It's absolutely essential to be humble if we want to return to heaven. Amulek talks about how "I was called many times and I would not hear." That really hit home for me. So often we think "I can do it myself" or "I know better than my leaders/parents/teacher." Pride. Pride. Pride. Sister Crosland and I had a funny experience that illustrated that this week. We had gotten home on Saturday night absolutely EXHAUSTED. Everything after walking into our room is a complete and total blur. The next day we got up and got ready for church and couldn't find the keys to the car. We. Looked. EVERYWHERE. We said a prayer and continued looking, moving the beds, looking through drawers, coats, and pockets. Finally, we had run out of time and decided that we would just need to walk to church. Sister Crosland went to turn off the bathroom light and looked on the counter to see...THE KEYS. She ran out to show them to me and at the exact same time we exclaimed "I had the thought to look there!!" I had the thought multiple times but pushed it aside thinking "no, I was just in there doing my hair and didn't see them. Hey aren't there." It was a great lesson in humility ;) 

We had a regional broadcast yesterday and we're privileged to hear from Elder Soares of the seventy and Elder Rasband of the quorum of the 12 apostles. It was SO good. They talked a lot about temples. Elder Rasband spoke about how the temple is the "higher ground" to get away from the storms of life. We are able to have a clearer perspective of what our Heavenly Father wants for us. I MISS THE TEMPLE SO MUCH. Can't wait to go again :) 

Well! I love you all TONS! 
Love, Sister Fletcher

 Driving the sisters to Helena!

 you know it's hunting season when....(yes. They have 2. Ridiculous.)

Totally normal.

Trios. So much fun :)

 Sister King!

Breakfast at President Prices(Missoula Stake President) 
 Billings temple <3

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