Smashing spiders and burning breakfast

Hey howdy hey! 

Wow, it's already Monday? Crazy. We got transfer calls yesterday and I'm excited to report that Sister Crosland and I are both staying in Missoula!!! :) I love this beautiful place and the people here and I'm grateful that I get to spend these last few weeks here :) 

Wanna hear a cool story? So Kristy. I've mentioned her before as "the catholic lady that loves Mormons." She called us yesterday with the wonderful news that the elder that taught her 15 years ago called her!!! She was soooo happy. Elder Heggie (now Cody) is still strong in the church and now has a wife and three little kiddos. He asked if she still wanted to be baptized and her answer was "not yet." Aka, she will, she just doesn't know it ;) That whole event for her was truly a tender mercy.  We are super excited to teach her this week and invite her to be baptized again :) 

We had a lesson with Beth. She's pretty similar to Mark, but nicer ;) haha She believes that only a few of us are chosen to be saved, that whatever you do here on earth doesn't matter, if you're "saved" you're saved. Weird. As she explained why she believes what she believes, I couldn't help but reflect on how I know what I know. The spirit was so strong as Sister Crosland and I bore testimony of the Book of Mormon and the knowledge and power it gives us. Beth seemed reluctant to read it, and so we walked out of her house without setting up a return appointment. We just don't think she's ready yet. About an hour later we got a text saying, "I read that chapter you left me. I have questions. Can I email them to you?"  I think that shows she is still searching. I just hope it's with real intent. 

We have spent a lot of time this last week with the sisters in the two zones we cover as we have been finishing up the transfer. We had a breakfast and testimony meeting this morning with 12 of us together. It was so great :)  I never get tired of hearing missionaries bear testimony of the Savior. This last week as I read Jesus the Christ, I pondered a lot on how he is able to bring peace to our souls and to the world around us. From the story of raising the daughter of Jarius to life, to healing a man possessed of demons, to calming the waters on the Sea of Galilee. He calms all of the storms of life. My favorite part I read was after he healed the possessed man. . .

"The man who had been rid of the demons feared not; in his heart love and gratitude superseded all other feelings; and as Jesus returned to the boat he (the man) prayed that he might go also. But Jesus forbade, saying: “Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee.” The man became a missionary, not alone in his home town but throughout Decapolis...wherever he went he told of the marvelous change Jesus had wrought on him." (Jesus the Christ chapter 20)

I LOVE THAT. The man was healed, and he did just what Jesus invited him to do, go and tell others that they too can be healed. I think that's my favorite part about being a missionary :) seeing the healing power of the atonement work in each persons life. It truly is amazing. I talked to a sister last night about a few experiences I've had on my mission. She asked "how do you love your mission so much when all of that has happened?!" Huh...good question. I have been thinking about that ever since and I think I figured out a small part of the reason why. It's obvious missions are no picnic, they're hard. But I've realized that every single day I have Jesus Christ standing right there with me helping me along my way. And that's something I wouldn't trade ANYTHING for. Perspective. When I remember that he's here with me, it really doesn't matter what is thrown at me. 

Well my friends,  It's going to be a great week :) 

Be happy work hard!
Love, Sister Fletcher

Oh. Funny story to end off. We're driving down Mullan rd trying to find this house. Going about 50mph which is 5 UNDER the speed limit. All of the sudden. SPIDER. ON THE INSIDE OF THE CAR. I screamed. Sister Crosland screamed. We panicked. It crawled across the windshield totally oblivious to our screams. We quickly pulled over, and smashed it quite thoroughly. We didn't laugh about it then, in fact we pretty much almost cried. Hahahaha awful. 

Also. I burned the hash browns this morning #somethingsneverchange

 Always gotta have those Halloween candy piles. There you see the pile that will kill me...and the pile that won't. It's a lifelong struggle ;) 

  Missoula North district. I've spent...over 1 year of my mission in this district. Crazy right?! 

When you're trying to eat orange chicken and it jumps out of your to-go box...

 End of transfer breakfast 

Our "president-you-can't-send-Sister-Fletcher-home" faces

 Missoula Zone :)

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