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Well friends! IT'S SNOWING IN MISSOULA. First snow of the year. IT FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS!!! I hope all of you have seen the #lighttheworld video! Sister Crosland and I are brainstorming our plan of action to make it the best Christmas season EVER. :) 

So much happened this week. 

On Monday we hiked the M at sunset. Sooo much fun! We taught Paula that night. We've been teaching her on and off since I've been here. We invited her to baptism again and she said "Yknow, thinking about baptism has been keeping me up at night! I think a God might be telling me something." WOOT. 

Tuesday I was on exchanges in 2nd Ward with the lovely Sister Kezele! Oh how I LOVE her. Literally almost every single thing fell through that day, but she kept the greatest positive attitude. Attitude is so infectious, whether it's good or bad.

Wednesday we had a stellar district meeting and had our first thanksgiving dinner with the Conrads. I have so much love for their family. 

Thursday. Oh my heavens. I've never eaten so much in my life. We ate without stopping from 1pm to 7pm. I wanted to die. The things you do to spread the gospel....haha. 

SUPER COOL MIRACLE. SO. We were filling up with gas at the gas station on our way to our 2nd dinner. We had been meaning to fill up with gas allll day and kept forgetting. So. I was filling up the jeep and I turned to sister Crosland and said "hey. You have to get two people to write down what their thankful for on our thankful turkey before the car finishes filling up with gas." Of course she was up for the challenge, but there was no one to be found. I saw some people walking on the sidewalk a pretty good distance away and so I disregarded the prompting to talk to them. But Ikept getting this nudge that we needed to. Then, one of the girls turned around and I recognized her! Sister Crosland and I had BOTH taught her in St. Ignatius! Sister Crosland RAN and caught up with her. Turns out, SHE LIVES IN OUR AREA NOW! SO GREAT. 

Anyway. Thanksgiving was great :) I never want to eat turkey again. Ever. Grateful highlights for me: Not throwing up on Thursday, being a missionary, Serving in the MBM, my family, and my comfy bed :) 

Friday I was on exchanges with Sister Thomas! Man oh man I love her! She's so stinkin happy all the time and just brings light to EVERYONE. We had a ton of fun street contacting, tracting, and finding almost all day long. 

We also taught a lesson on Friday morning before exchanges that was pretty interesting. This person was telling us all of the things she believes and they were all totally in line with doctrine. The spirit was super strong as she talked about how she has come closer to God. And then she started saying that God and Jesus Christ are the same person and INSTANTLY the spirit left. It was a cool experience for me being able to very strongly feel that the role of the Holy Ghost really is to testify of truth. 

Saturday Dakota got baptized! She's in the YSA ward and I was able to teach her a few times. What a happy day! Lots of tears. That night we had a lesson with the Munnerlyns. They are a less active couple and I know they are a major reason why I needed to stay in this area for one more transfer. I to,d a bit of their story last week. About 6 months ago, Sister Hodgson and I went to help a family move out of first Ward, thinking that they were moving into our ward. Turns out they actually were moving into the elders ward. We were pretty discouraged that we had spent a lot of time with them and were so excited to have them move to 3rd Ward to finally feel like our efforts were a little bit wasted. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago. I was going through the ward list and recognized the last name of this family as the ones we had met 6 months ago. There wasn't a phone number, or even a specific address, but miraculously we still had their phone number in our phone! We texted them, set up a time to go back, and this week was our 3rd time meeting with them. While we were there they found their scriptures that they had received when they joined the church 5 years ago. Both of them had tears in their eyes as they reminisced and told us their conversion story. The light just came flooding back into their eyes. They spoke of getting to the temple to be sealed as a family. The spirit was so strong. As we left their house that night, I cried and cried and cried. This. Is. What. It's. All. About. Families being together forever. What a miracle it was that we found them again. Gods timing is perfect. 

Life is good :) Christmas zone conference tomorrow. Life's about to get REALLY crazy! 

Love, Sister Fletcher 
 Missoula :) 
 I sometimes try to be creative...

Conrads, Hebert, and turkey

 random mural that I love 

 Sister Thomas! 


 hot chocolate 


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