Hangry Eyes and Happiness

Hey y'all!

Wowzers. It was a wonderful week. :) Thank you for all of the packages and birthday wishes :) ...SINCE WHEN AM I TWENTY?!? Weird weird weird. Time flies! :) This week went by SO INCREDIBLY FAST. It makes me panic when I think of how fast this transfer has gone. I'll give a lil recap of the week :)

On Tuesday we biked 1000 and 1/2 miles at least. I died. I haven't biked (like, really biked) in like...6 months. We got to our appointment sooooo late and ended up having to get a member to drive us to the next one we had. Haha So many bike issues. But we are "ret to go" for this week!

We also did a TON of service this week. It was awesome. We helped move one of my favorite families in the Monad Ward to another house...also in the Monad Ward (thank goodness). It was so fun to just magic eraser and mop everything in sight. Flashback to clean checks in the Burg. Hahaha We also shampooed carpets for a member in Pioneer Park. Another day we moved this gigantic hutch with all this China and glassware. Soooo fun organizing it again and making it look pretty :) it's the
little things my friends. ;)

It has been super cool to meet so many people in the Pioneer park Ward. It is SUPER similar to Monad. Lots of less active work. Members are spread pretty thin. And it feels like home whenever you go to church. It has been especially cool to meet all of the people I have heard about for so long from Sister Linney and Sister Styer. Those two are some of the greatest missionaries I've ever seen and you can tell from the work that they are doing in Pioneer Park. It has been great fun being their companion. We just laugh all the day long. And sometimes part of the night (don't tell president ;) jkjk) It has been so great being with them. Being in a trio is sometimes stressful, especially with merging two wards that both really need help. But I'm glad I'm doing it with them.

My birthday was an absolutely wonderful day! I awoke at 6:23, said my prayers, and then sat up to see my companions singing happy birthday SO off key and SO loud while marching and carrying a happy birthday banner. Hahahahahahahahaha gotta love em ;) We had district meeting later in the morning. This district has been my favorite one so far HANDS DOWN. Each missionary does so much to prepare each week and I have LOVED learning from all of them. :) after district meeting I got to go to lunch with Sister Draper :) She's one of the senior missionaries in the mission office and it was her birthday as well!!!!! :) She is an amazing example. I came to Montana to meet her specifically for sure. My birthday dinner was at the Gilmores. Another one of my favorite families here :) it was their daughters 2nd birthday so we ate lots of yummy pasta (p.s. Brother Gilmore makes THE BEST spaghetti sauce. They sent us home with some and I think I'll probably cry when it runs out.) and wonderful cake made by Sister Gilmore :) It felt like I was right at home. Just missing a few of my favorite family members ;) I loved spending the day doing missionary work.

Sunday was INTENSE. Monad starts at 10:30 and Pioneer park at 2:30 so we went to 8 hours of church with Ward council included. My hangry eyes were beginning to emerge by the end of Pioneer Park relief society. Hahaha I went on splits during Monad Ward since the other sisters needed to attend Ward council in the other Ward. Annika was at church, and she was staying the last two hours by herself so I went to primary with her and rotated through various companions in the Ward. I LOVE PRIMARY. TAKE ME BACK. Annika was awesome. She's ready to go this Saturday!!! :) Woot!!!

I'm currently finishing up this email in the mission home. It really has become a home to me :) president and sister Wadsworth walked in to see all of us sisters emailing and jokes started flying. ;) apparently they are sending us all to Malta ;) exiled to the furthest corner of the mission. Hahahaha

Okay. Last funny thing of the week. There was a kid sharing his testimony about going on his mission. He said, "I don't want to go anywhere on my mission where I will get killed. But then I thought...that's probably where I'm needed most." He had the most somber expression and it made me laugh SO hard. Hahahaha

Loving it here :) Talk to MY FAMILY on Sunday!!!!!

Sister Fletcher :)

 The third...and final...cake of the day!

 Birthday lunch with Sister Draper!!!

 Biking in the freeeeeeeezing cold

 We moved this...and reorganized all this CHINA! So much fun!

 Helping at the Fun Run:) Love these sisters.

 I may or may not have fallen asleep during morning prayer.

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